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Jason H.Choumar

Nov 1, 2023, 10:08:04 AM11/1/23
Hey Guys,

Glad to hear my XSI hotkeys are coming in handy for Blender users. I would love to expand on it more, but the API seems very limited and the user interaction module is not quite intuitive.

For example, I can't edit multiple objects at the same time like in XSI, because Blender has a ridiculous Active Selection, and Inactive Selection methodology. Overall, I think the interaction module is poorly thought out, and very counter intuitive.

I would like to be able to add floating windows like in XSI, but I don't have experience with Python or programming. Also, have you seen the floating windows look like ? The overall UI design is very limited and feels half done. And I'm not even touching on the aesthetics part yet.

Overall, Blender needs a lot of tuning and polishing if they want to up their game to XSI's interaction level. 

If anyone has programming skills and would like to contribute to create floating windows, please drop me a line.


On Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 9:13 PM <> wrote:
Steven Caron <>: Oct 30 09:23PM -0700

Wow, it's been so long since I posted this list. Not sure anyone is even
around to list...
I have been trying to learn Blender and coming from Softimage I am just
completely floored that people can get anything done in Blender from a
modeling perspective. Anyone here successfully made the switch to modeling
in Blender from Softimage and care to share any tips? Links to video
tutorials etc?
Royston Michaels <>: Oct 31 09:25AM +0200

Hi Steven,
Some of us are still lurking around, lol.
Jason did an amazing job creating the XSI Keymap for Blender.
I felt at home working in Blender, without it... Blender doesn't seem
usable coming from working in XSI and Maya.
Jason, if you are still around... thanks for your efforts... it's lifesaver
moving to Blender.
Have a look here.
All the best.
Steven Caron <>: Oct 31 02:29PM -0700

Thanks for sharing this looks like it could really help me. If the comments
are any indication I am not alone in my struggles 😂
*written with my thumbs
On Tue, Oct 31, 2023, 12:26 AM Royston Michaels <>
Scotty Wilcox <>: Nov 01 10:39AM +1100

Hello !
I have successfully moved from XSI to Blender for everything not just
modelling. Although the 3D
work I am doing isn't as complex as it used to be.
The feature I love the most is that Autodesk cannot acquire Blender.
A big hurdle is getting used to the change of the Z axis overall.
I have not used the XSi keymap for Blender so that I can learn the native
hotkeys and then be able to follow
tutorials. It took a long long time to adapt. Now on the very rare occasion
that I run XSI, I have no idea what
the hotkeys are.
I've found that in XSI you might have a single key for a hotkey where as
Blender the functions from hotkeys
work in 'pairs'.
I miss plenty of tools from XSI, but have found equivalent ways to get
stuff done in Blender.
I REALLY miss 'dice' .... oh man.... I miss it.....
Oh and that sticky magnetic M key point manipulation thing.....
Anyway, here's my favourite Blender Tutorial creators.
And of course the most famous tutorial - The Donut
Good Luck !
*Scotty Wilcox*
*0410 324 005*
Steven Caron <>: Oct 31 05:08PM -0700

Thanks Scotty for the links ..
Do you know how to knife (bisect) across multiple objects?
*written with my thumbs
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