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Frank Lenhard

Oct 12, 2009, 2:55:57 PM10/12/09

i have to admit i just had a idea and i tried briefly to solve it with
ICE, but i just don't have enough knowledge yet, and neither much
so i solved the problem with brute force handwork anyway but in
general i think a little tool, programmed in ICE, would be quite

what i want to create is a little tool, that can take a selection of
points from 2 meshes, and then copies over the envelope weights from
one mesh to the other, with looking for the closest point in the
source mesh. taking its envelope weight and puts it in the destination
both meshes have the same deformers in it.

this would come in handy in cases where you have to make sure the
envelope of, lets say a belt, is the same as the shirt underneath, or
parts of the skirt go along with the leg etc. so they never penetrate.
i know there is a copy weights tool in the legacy netview, buts its
cumbersome doing them one by one.

in my humble starting tries i was able to read the weights from one
mesh and write it onto another mesh. but thats about it.
if somebody could give me some hints in how to handle a conversion of
a closest location and the resulting point position, getting this
weight and write it on to the destination, i would be really happy.


Matt Lind

Oct 12, 2009, 4:39:37 PM10/12/09
You may be able to do this in ICE, but in all honesty a script is
probably the better way to go in this case.

I tried making one out of ICE, but had problems coming up with an
elegant way to sort out the mappings between deformer and vertex for
weighting. Plus for a tool like this you want to only assign deformers
to the mesh that actually contribute to weighting, not all the deformers
availabe in the mesh you're pulling the weight info from. Example: If
you're trying to copy weights from a shirt to the belt, you don't want
the shirt's deformers from the shoulders and chest area added to the
belt's deformer list. You only want the deformers from the belt area
that actually drive the belt.

ICE is good for situations where you need persistent evaluation (eg:
operators), but for single copy/paste operation like this a command is
better suited to the task.


Steven Caron

Oct 12, 2009, 5:48:36 PM10/12/09
The blur beta tools has a tool called 'skinpanel'. It has a copy
button that takes obj and/or subcomponent selection, also a paste
button that uses either object or subcomponent selection. I believe it
does what you are describing, it really is the life saving tool for
our rigging deptartment.


On Oct 12, 2009, at 11:55 AM, Frank Lenhard <>

Frank Lenhard

Oct 13, 2009, 3:46:22 AM10/13/09
to Steven Caron
thanks to both of you. steven, i am going to check it out. sounds like
what i am after :)
after sending i got the ice tree working somehow, but got stuck with
the operator behaviour, like matt mentioned. as long as the ice tree
was connected it worked. when i disconnected it the previous weighting
was restored ha.
thanks guys!


Adam Sale

Oct 13, 2009, 1:25:03 PM10/13/09
to Frank Lenhard,
to add re: ICE... freezing the ICE op instead of deleting it doesn't bake the weights in?

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 10:24 AM, Adam Sale <> wrote:
stating the obvious, but what about GATOR? I gather you are only interested in copying SOME point weights on a target instead of all of the weights...

Adam Sale

Oct 13, 2009, 1:24:11 PM10/13/09
to Frank Lenhard,
stating the obvious, but what about GATOR? I gather you are only interested in copying SOME point weights on a target instead of all of the weights...

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 12:46 AM, Frank Lenhard <> wrote:

Steven Caron

Oct 13, 2009, 2:28:12 PM10/13/09
the tools i mentioned use gator and intermediate mesh objects to do the transfer. Gator saves my butt daily :)

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