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Jul 23, 2007, 2:30:45 AM7/23/07
to xruby...@googlegroups.com

Maybe some one has noticed that some optimizations have been added
into XRuby runtime. 0 or 1 argument method invocation has been

Array#first is an example. It has two cases: 0 argument and 1
argument. In original code, we distinguish these cases when method is
invoked. The code is like this:
if (argc == 0) {
} else if (argc == 1) {

But in fact, we know how many arguments we have when we invoke the
method. For instance, the code
ary.first 1
means the argument size is 1. So we can call 1 argument branch directly.

RubyNoOrOneArgMethod is created for this purpose. Invocation with 0
argument will call
RubyValue run(RubyValue receiver, RubyBlock block)
Invocation with 1 argument will call
RubyValue run(RubyValue receiver, RubyValue arg, RubyBlock block);

Here is the definition for Array#first in MethodFactory which can
generate wrapper for method.
c.defineMethod("first", factory.getMethod("first",

No argument version:
public RubyValue first() { ... }

1 argument version:
public RubyValue first(RubyValue v) { ... }

Here is a test script for Array#first.
ary = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
start_time = Time.new.to_f

1000000.times {
ary.first 1

end_time = Time.now.to_f
puts end_time - start_time

Test result are
trunk: 0.28
0.2.1: 0.45
As we have seen, the performance for 1 argument gets some improvements.

You can view code to know more details.

Ye Zheng

Everything is simple!

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