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Steve Moore

Oct 19, 2021, 10:57:03 AM10/19/21
to xnat_discussion
Greetings to REDCap users. Some of you attended the XNAT Workshop in September and expressed interest in integrating XNAT and REDCap. Some of you have ideas on what this would look like.

I do not have a WUSTL member to assign to this development work at the moment, but I do have some time to spend on gathering use cases and requirements.

I am looking for users who would like to assist with those two tasks (use cases, requirements) over the next three months. I would propose one Zoom call each month, additional email discussion and document review. If any group wants to supply development resources, we would certainly be happy to accept such an offer.

I am aware of and sympathetic to time zone differences. I could imagine that some of the Zoom meetings might need to be conducted twice in a 24 hour period to accommodate various time zones.

If you are interested in this effort, please respond directly to me ( I would like to know:
  • Name
  • Institution
  • email address
  • Timezone expressed as UTC +/- HH:MM
  • When are you available to participate (after Nov. 1, after Dec 1, ...)
  • How you would like to participate
    • Use case and requirement documentation
    • Design discussion
    • Document review
    • Provide developer help
    • Other?

Please feel free to forward to your peers who might also be interested. I have already heard directly from two members of this list (Christopher Battiston, Ryan Sullivan).


Steve Moore

Chris Smith

Nov 12, 2021, 8:08:43 PM11/12/21
Hi all,

Just wanted to see if there’s been any movement on this.

 @Steve - if no one else has expressed interest, can you, Ryan and I meet to chat?  I emailed you a while back with my additional info but assume it’s buried in your inbox (or your response is buried in mine LOL).

Have a good weekend all!

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Steve Moore

Nov 17, 2021, 9:21:43 AM11/17/21
to xnat_discussion

Thanks for the poke. I will reach out to you and Ryan and get something scheduled.

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