Integration of MONAILabel in OHIF Viewer 3.6.1 on XNAT 1.8.10

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Apr 29, 2024, 10:47:33 AMApr 29
to xnat_discussion

Hello everyone, i hope you are all doing well

I'm seeking guidance on how to integrate MONAILabel into OHIF Viewer 3.6.1 within XNAT 1.8.10. Currently, we are using the OHIF viewer integrated into our XNAT server, but we would like to transition to MONAILabel for segmentation, as the NVIDIA tool we were using is deprecated. Could anyone provide any advice, tutorials, or resources that might help me make this integration successfully?

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Ahmed Harouni

Apr 30, 2024, 8:54:34 AMApr 30
to xnat_discussion
Hi Jhoan

I can defiantly help you with that. We created a full DLI workshop at GTC 2023 and GTC 2024 showing this work flow please take a look at this starting min47 where we show Xnat integration. 
There are multiple scripts that we have setup in to make the DLI simple so please let me know if you get stuck or something is not clear. 
We are working on making this workshop available as self paced 

Simon Doran

May 1, 2024, 4:41:39 PMMay 1
to xnat_discussion
Hi Ahmed,

  Kudos to you for such a great demonstration! The number of different integrations you showed is very impressive.

  Thanks for putting together all the resources in terms of the Jupyter notebooks. Are you able to post a link here to the notebooks themselves?

  Best wishes,


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