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M.R. Dijkhuizen

Nov 22, 2021, 5:37:26 PM11/22/21
to xnat_discussion
Hi all,

We are trying to migrate data from a pacs to Xnat using  dicom send from the pacs to a Xnat scp receiver port. 

What we are trying to accomplish are the following things:
1) Assign a project when there is a match on a Patientname. Included is part of a ctp script as an example. The reason why we cannot use CTP because the subjects in the pacs contain segmentation data. CTP can't read segmentation dicom files.

  <e en="T" t="00324000" n="StudyComments">@always()@if(PatientName,contains,"A"){Project:ProjectA;Subject:@contents(PatientName);Session:@contents(PatientID)}

2) One research project on the pacs has spaces in de patientname. We would like to replace the spaces with a _ and then assign a project to the data. 

With kind regards.

Martin Dijkhuizen
Xnat admin
University of Groningen

Moore, Charlie

Nov 22, 2021, 6:04:42 PM11/22/21
Hi Martin,

I can't claim I'm exactly following what you mean, but it sounds too complicated for the built-in custom routing. I think the only real choice would be writing a custom DICOM object identifier in a plugin. We don't have any documentation on this, but I can point you at an example: . Hopefully that helps a bit.


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M.R. Dijkhuizen

Nov 23, 2021, 2:56:22 AM11/23/21
to xnat_discussion
Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your reply. What we would like to automate is the following. When a dicom session is send to xnat it is automatically put in the pre-archive. 
In the pre-archive you can attach a project to the dicom session.

For one project we need to get rid of the spaces in the patientname dicom header before we attach a xnat project. 

With kind regards,

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P Summers

Nov 26, 2021, 5:39:04 AM11/26/21
to xnat_discussion
Hi Martin,
 if it might help for the elimination of spaces in patient names, 
 the following lines in a dicom edit script (.das) seem to work in replacing spaces and slashes with _ 

tempId := (0010,1001)
(0010,1001) := replace[ replace[ tempId, " ", "_" ], "/", "_" ]

it will probably also work as a one-liner:
(0010,1001) := replace[ replace[ (0010,1001), " ", "_" ], "/", "_" ]
but I haven't verified that.

Paul S

M.R. Dijkhuizen

Nov 30, 2021, 3:15:11 AM11/30/21
to xnat_discussion
Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply.

We added this line in Project Routing (Site Wide) section.

(0010,0010):.*(?i)(project1).*:1 t:(?i)project1 r:pr1

In the Subject Routing (Site Wide) section
The code below changes the space into a _
(0010,0020):ROBINSCA\s.* t:\s r:_ 

With kind regards,


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