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Welcome to the XNAT discussion group.

Note: Posting to the XNAT discussion group requires the approval of the group moderator. If you have never posted here before, there may be a delay while your post is approved. Please do not send your initial post multiple times! Once your initial submission has been approved, any subsequent posts are automatically approved and should display with little or no lag.

Very important!! Do not post to this group if you believe you have found an issue in XNAT that may have security implications, such as CSRF or XSS vulnerabilities, operations that may expose passwords or sensitive data, and so on. Please report these matters directly to the XNAT development team.

Also very important!! Do not post anything to this group that may contain PHI, credentials, or other sensitive data!! This includes screen shots that may have patient data like names or dates of birth, DICOM or other data that may include patient information, or log files that may include usernames and passwords or other information that might be used to compromise systems or expose subject data to the outside.

Please read: Before posting to the XNAT discussion group, try searching the group first to see if your question has already been answered. Lots of times, someone else has already run into the problem that you're trying to solve. If you can find how the problem was solved before, you don't have to wait for someone to respond to your post!

If you do need to post to the group for help with an XNAT issue, please make sure to provide the following information along with a description of the issue:
  • Your XNAT application version
  • Operating system, including version (e.g. Centos 7.6, Ubuntu 16.04, etc.)
  • For database issues, the version of PostgreSQL
Also, it's very helpful if you can check the XNAT and Tomcat logs for any entries that might help diagnose what's going on.

You can find the version of your XNAT by looking in the lower-left corner of the page when logged in. It will look something like this:

These resources may also be helpful: