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Peihong Ke

Jul 26, 2023, 9:43:17 AM7/26/23

Dear xlSlim,


Can I check with you if you have some framework in xlSlim to deal with class/objects and their associated functions calls  (either instance or static functions) please? Or the users must come up with one themselves?


For example, if I have a class A which has ten methods. What is the best way to call these functions in xlSlim given an object of A?




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xlSlim Dev

Jul 26, 2023, 3:41:14 PM7/26/23
to xlSlim Support

Classes are automatically cached when returned from functions and the cache handle can then be passed into other functions. This is described in this section of the documentation:

Since that guide was written I have added the GetAttr() utility function which is useful to conveniently access attributes of cached objects without having to write any Python functions: Also you can now create classes directly in Excel - each class is automatically registered as a function.

The Equity Option pricing example has a good overview of creating classes and passing them around:

This earlier conversation has an example showing a  shared resource object being created and then passed to other functions:

All the best,
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