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Apr 5, 2013, 9:39:07 AM4/5/13
Bit further...exploring option of using Firefox profile to define whether FF loads maximised....finding that xebium 010 behaves differently than xebium 0.9....and that using fitnesse wiki command:
| loadFirefoxProfileFromDirectory | myFileAndDirectory |
| start browser | myBrowser | on url | myURL |
can help to resolve.
How to set maximised in the profile, is the next question....

On Saturday, 30 March 2013 18:32:47 UTC, wrote:

Would also be interested in a solution to this. I am at a site using responsive design so its critical that I maximise the window when testing on a browser. Currently using xebium 0.9 jarfile. Is it a case that we have to resize the window rather than maximize?  Is it necessary to use a different Firefix profile?  Need a solution for IE and Safari as well as FF and Chrome. If there is not a solution that can be used via a Fitnesse wiki command, have others modified the Selenium fixture code as laurens for Chrome?

Appreciate any pointers/experiences.

Best Regards,

Steve Gibbens

On Wednesday, 6 February 2013 16:00:31 UTC, Marcel de Jong wrote:

I'm trying to maximize the Firefox window that gets created by the Selenium webdriver, but I can't seem to get it to work
I've tried a few things, but according to the documentation that I can find the command "windowMaximize" should work.
So I've tried this command in FitNesse:
| do | windowMaximize | on |  |
and while FitNesse colours it green, Firefox doesn't change size.

Am I missing something important?

Kind regards,
Marcel de Jong

Jul 31, 2015, 5:56:07 AM7/31/15
to Xebium,

i'm having the same issue with the line "| do | windowMaximize | on |  | "

This is what i discovered: 

When using "| do | windowMaximize | on |  |"  in fitnesse the line colors green, thus xebium recognizes this method. 
--> (see

Normaly xebium has to translate this to driver.manage().window().maximize(); because i tried that myself in eclipse JUNIT tests and that works, 
but running my tests in fitnesse with xebium doesn't do the job correctly. 

If i was able to catch the WebDriver driver xebium is using i could create fixture to do the maximize myself, but i don't know to get the driver object that xebium created.
That is why i tried to find the source code from xebium.

The latest available dependency for xebium is 
In that version windowMaximize is not working :-(

I have been downloading the latest source code from (0.13.snapshot)

The idea was that i wanted to debug in fitnesse why xebium is not maximizing the window. (with ?test&remote_debug=true - see fitnesse docu) 
The strange this is that by using the compiled class files from 0.13-SNAPSHOT, there the windowMaximize is working correctly.
To make it work i had to import the downloaded ( in eclipse, compile it and include those class files in fitnesse

example fitnesse SuiteSetUp
!* '''Classpath'''
!path D:\Agfa\Java_Projects\Xebium_master\Xebium-master\target\classes <---------------
!pomFile pom.xml@runtime

Then fitnesse is first picking the target\classes folder, becore taking the downloaded Xebium maven dependency 0.12 from the pom.xml
Even though the maximize is working with 0.13.SNAPSHOT, i cannot use this, because this causes regression on my some of my tests
example |ensure |do| typeAndWait| on| id=dsfue4h9eu190297dpe3mzob | with| password| is causing the input field to be filled, but the value also disappears
I can fix it by doing the type or typeAndWait twice in my fitnesse test, but this is regression in the snapshot and i want to wait until xebium fixes that issue

If someone found another solution for this issue, please let me know. 
What i will be trying is to download the 0.12 source code from xebium and add the windowMaximize fix from 0.13.snapshot myself to 0.12

Appreciate any help on this topic if someone would have found a solution for this problem.

Best Regards,

Jan Duyck

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