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Feb 23, 2018, 7:49:11 AM2/23/18
to xblite

Hi Vixener.

Since year 2006, viXen is my pet XBLite program.

But, you know what? I'm not viXen's initiator!

The original author is another Xbliter: John "prujohn" Evans, who on 15 July 2006, posted Alpha version 0.50a at SourceForge.

I applied immediately to contribute my modest way, which earned me the right to become viXen's administrator when prujohn moved on.

For the newcomers, viXen is a visual GUI Designer for the XBLite programming language. It is a Windows GUI program, using solely the Windows API, and written in XBLite, a specialization of XBasic for Windows®.

viXen’s developments was a great human adventure.


- David "D." Szafranski (XBLite, WinAPI, Xsed, sizer control)

- Ben Baird (the VB6 sizer control of his VBThunder Forms Designer)

- Rhett "lzdude69" Thompson (icon processing, XP Style, XBLite Designer)

- Callum Lowcay (WinAPI, WinX.dll)

- Liviu Armeanu (XBLite GTK+ interface)

- Alan "genstky" Gent (CSV parsing)

- Jules Marchildon (GUI designer prototype)


- Don B. (verbose generation mode)

- Liviu Armeanu (GTK GUI)

- David Watchman (XBasic generation)

- Walter "walhug"

- Olivier "olivmau" Maurizio

Way back 2009, Liviu Armeanu started to port GTK+ interface for binding with XBLite;
I amended viXen to generate skeletons compatible with Liviu's GTK+ binding.

However, I never got right GTK+ boxing algorithm. Until this year (Boy! Should I brag about this???)

For the last few months, I re-worked GTK+'s generation with viXen.

Why? Because GTK+ is Unicode-friendly, which backs up my construction of an XBLite compiler supporting UTF-16 LE, in addition to its ASCII support.

Which lead me to revive another project from another Xbliter: Rhett "lzdude69" Thompson's XBDesigner.

I already started a rewrite using GTK+, and I believe it will be a neat IDE for XBLite.

So, dear past and future Vixeners, could you put viXen circa 2018 to a torture test?

Even though I use viXen daily, I am too kind to it, which I'm sure you're not! (or you should not!)

So, if you please, backup carefully you current viXen installation, and install viXen's latest revision from SourceForge:

Try to report your bug at SourceForge, as I'd like to support viXen according to viXen's distribution.

Don't forget our XBLite Forum, which is my preferred way to reach for our XBLite Community.

And since the Chinese New Year is rising, may the force of Man's Best Friend Forever be with you!

Bye! Guy

Chad Wilson

Feb 23, 2018, 8:13:10 AM2/23/18
to xblite
Congrats to you and the rest of the team for dedication to XBLite through all of this time.



Feb 23, 2018, 8:25:35 AM2/23/18
to xblite
Merci, Chad!
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