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Sep 15, 2015, 8:33:39 PM9/15/15
to xblite
Hi Xbliters,

As you know, I would like to release a pre-Unicode revision of the XBLite compiler.

I just post xblite_2_41_16.zip at XBLite Forum (http://www.xblite.com/forum).

Please, go to the XBLite Forum;
in topic "XBLite Compiler", thread "xblite.exe revision 2.41.16", download xblite_2_41_16.zip.

You can read the following message:
- Make a backup copy of all files of folder C:\xblite\bin\ to C:\xblite\bin\bak\
- Create a folder xblite_2_41_16
- Unzip xblite_2_41_16.zip into the new folder
 (Extracts xblite.x and the other files)
- Rename CompileXbite.txt CompileXbite.bat
- Use CompileXbite.bat to recompile
- Copy xblite.exe into C:\xblite\bin\

New features:
- CHAR type: in ASCII mode, CHAR <=> UBYTE, CHAR() <=> UBYTE(), CHARAT <=> UBYTEAT().
- (CODE, END CODE) for GoAsm code injection.
- GRAB statement: sort of COBOL's COPY REPLACING ==text1== BY ==text2==:

Usage of GRAB:
In WinX.x, I replaced m4_include(`accessors.m4') by GRAB "accessors\\*.x"

1.GRAB ".\\accessors\\declare.x"        ' "$1" := "BINDING"
2.GRAB ".\\accessors\\declare02.x"
' "$1" := "BINDING"
' OMIT FUNCTIONs "_ActiveId", "_Get_idMin"

The 1st GRAB imports file .\\accessors\\declare.x replacing all $1 by BINDING.
The 2nd GRAB imports file .\\accessors\\declare02.x replacing all $1 by BINDING, but not only:
it remvoves the FUNCTIONs BINDING_ActiveId and BINDING_Get_idMin, which are not needed.

I believe this will promote code reuse, and a snippet production.

I'd really appreciate the feedback of active Xbliters such as David Watchman.

Bye! Guy.

Paul Bush

Sep 18, 2015, 6:47:28 PM9/18/15
to xbl...@googlegroups.com
If anyone is interested I published a paper this year on work using xblite. The work is a simulation of brain microcircuitry using a simulator I wrote with xblite. If you investigate you will see that I am a neuroscientist first and a programmer a distant second, but it did the job!



Rikus Hidding

Sep 19, 2015, 10:44:07 AM9/19/15
to xblite
Good Guy,

as incidental user of xblite i am interested in your work on Unicode xblite.
still i receive update e-mails xbl...@googlegroups.com but i can not login, as i try to create a new account is not possible anymore.
What can I do to to get registered again.

kind regards,
Rikus Hidding.

Op woensdag 16 september 2015 02:33:39 UTC+2 schreef Guy1954:

Guy Lonne

Sep 20, 2015, 6:42:19 AM9/20/15
to xbl...@googlegroups.com
Hi Rikus.

As I understand your message, your Google account exists, but you
password has expired for some reason.

Try to reset your password.

Usually, you have to issue a request for a new password; Google should
send you a temporary password at an other personal e-mail of your (say
hotmail, or yahoo!);
you have to use this temporary password to confirm your request and
reset your Google account with a different password.

Bye! Guy

Guy Lonne

Sep 20, 2015, 7:00:38 AM9/20/15
to xbl...@googlegroups.com
Dear Paul.

Congratulation on your paper!
Since your paper is published under the creative communs licence, would you mind to publish your accompanying xblite programs as an annexe?
As an Xbliter, I'd be most interested to learn from them.

Bye! Guy
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Bye! Guy

Paul Bush

Sep 21, 2015, 11:10:38 AM9/21/15
to xbl...@googlegroups.com
All the xblite files are publicly available from the PLoS1 link I gave, the link there is under "Data Availability:" just before the introduction. You might learn some neuroscience, but I'm sure the programming will make you shudder!


Subject: Re: [xblite] computer model published using xblite
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Sep 23, 2015, 4:37:32 AM9/23/15
to xblite
Hi Paul.

I could download the code you published, and I was very interested how you put Callum Lowcay's WinX.dll to use. Very good.

I already looked through the code, which prompted me to read again your paper (and probably again until I have a good grip).

Thank you for your good work, be sure I'll make a good use of it.

Bye! Guy

Paul Bush

Sep 25, 2015, 11:01:15 PM9/25/15
to xbl...@googlegroups.com
Yes you helped me get the WinX get set up a couple of years ago!



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