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Oct 4, 2016, 5:54:57 PM10/4/16
to xblite
Hi Xbliters,

My provider just announced me of the end of my personnal website http://guy.lonne.perso.sfr.fr.
Please pay it a visit before you can only visit it thru the wayback-machine at https://archive.org/web.
Time for you to harvest anything you can...

Bye! Guy


Oct 7, 2016, 10:32:17 AM10/7/16
to xblite
Thanks. downloaded everything but not in HTML - just as docx

Chad Wilson

Oct 7, 2016, 10:37:39 AM10/7/16
to xblite
For anyone wishing an easy way to save the entire site, consider HTTrack.

It is a free and open source utility for downloading entire web sites to your hard drive.


David Silverwood

Oct 7, 2016, 10:49:21 AM10/7/16
to xbl...@googlegroups.com
Hi Guy

I've also saved all the pages in PDF format so will leave it on my google drive if anyone needs, just holler.

Thx for all you've done for this community, Guy.


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Oct 11, 2016, 4:26:49 PM10/11/16
to xblite

Hi David.

For the past 10 years, I had such a great time writing programs in XBLite that I'm sure it shows in the materials of my website. I'm really thankful to David Szafranski for his huge work. Actually, I’d like very much to keep XBLite alive, because it’s a great development tool for Windows or Linux Wine.

My latest contributions are 3 directives that should boost our productions: CODE, GRAB and STRIP.

  1. CODE allows GoAsm code injection;

  2. GRAB is an improved IMPORT and can be seen as a snippet syringe;

  3. STRIP removes the function bodies of function uncalled for.

I use these directives for my pet application viXen, and they allow me:

  1. CODE to replace XstCopyMemory with GoAsm code;

  2. GRAB to re-use many pieces of XBLite code, especially from Callum Lowcay’s WinX.dll;

  3. STRIP to keep vxbl.asm under a GoAsm’s size limit.

'-RtlMoveMemory (&nmtv, lParam, SIZE (nmtv)) ' fill nmhdr using lParam

'-ZeroMemory (lParam, SIZE (NMHDR))

destAddr = &nmhdr

bytes = SIZE (NMHDR)


mov edi,[GetNotifyMsg.destAddr]

mov esi,[GetNotifyMsg.lParam]

mov ecx,[GetNotifyMsg.bytes]


rep movsb

mov edi,[GetNotifyMsg.destAddr]

mov ecx,[GetNotifyMsg.bytes]

mov eax,0


rep stosb


'-bu_x = LOWORD (bu)

'-bu_y = HIWORD (bu)

bu_x = 0

bu_y = 0


mov eax,d[WndProc.bu]

mov ebx,65536


idiv ebx

mov d[WndProc.bu_y],eax ; eax = HIWORD

mov d[WndProc.bu_x],edx ; edx = LOWORD


I believe we have a great development tool and we should be more productive for all sorts of little tools. You can find some personal contributions in my website, .exe and sources. Feel free to improve them and share back. I learnt so much by studying D’s code!

So, let’s keep together XBLite alive!

Bye! Guy

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