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Paul Cipollone

Feb 14, 2021, 5:13:23 PMFeb 14
to Xataface
So based on docs and things I've been able to do thus far:
  • Enable a site-wide login page.
  • Create the user DB along with user ID's with defined permissions
  • Test these things (Read-only user can really just read-only, etc.)
  • Disabled the "Forgot Password" link in the sign-on page.
  • Removed the edit profile/change password link while in operation.
So...all is well, except for one lagging issue, which is what brought me down this rabbit-hole to start with. I have
a table (let's call it "Users"), with a related-record for sales people ("Sales"). Sales table is simple....a name, name
of the user that sales-rep represents, and a percentage value for commission. 

Ideally, we want everyone except admins to be able to edit/delete/add new sales reps. We want everyone to be able
to SEE the sales rep, but nothing else. Have a simple ApplicationDelegate for sitewide:

class conf_ApplicationDelegate {
    * Returns permissions array.  This method is called every time an action is  
    * performed to make sure that the user has permission to perform the action.
    * @param record A Dataface_Record object (may be null) against which we check
    *               permissions.
    * @see Dataface_PermissionsTool
    * @see Dataface_AuthenticationTool
    function getPermissions(&$record){
        $auth =& Dataface_AuthenticationTool::getInstance();
        $user =& $auth->getLoggedInUser();
        if ( !isset($user) ) return Dataface_PermissionsTool::NO_ACCESS();
            // if the user is null then nobody is logged in... no access.
            // This will force a login prompt.
        $role = $user->val('Role');
        return Dataface_PermissionsTool::getRolePermissions($role);
            // Returns all of the permissions for the user's current role.

...a simple Users table:

|      1 | User  | User  | DELETE    |
|      2 | Admin | Admin | ADMIN     |
|      3 | RO    | RO    | READ ONLY |

...which functions correctly. Note that we want all the users to be able to edit/add to all other
tables, EXCEPT ONE.  No matter what I put in the permissions.ini file for that particular table, nothing takes
effect. If i log in as read-only I can't, but then again...I can't for ANY table at that point. Tried the obvious:


No luck. Trying to put the examples in the related-tables .PHP file (from here:, 
has no effect either.

Would LOVE some advice on this...very close to having this exactly as needed, except for this one issue.

Steve Hannah

Feb 14, 2021, 5:17:24 PMFeb 14
The permissions.ini file is only in the app root.  Not in individual tables.  

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