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Chris Hastie

Dec 4, 2022, 12:21:06 PM12/4/22
to Xataface

Getting there. I have some questions

I get the impression from the 'Definitive guide' that the expectation is that if the FAB has only one action the hamburger will disappear and be replaced by some appropriate icon and only a single click will be needed.

I've removed all the permissions other than the one thing I want people to do, but there is still a menu on the FAB. It takes a tap on the FAB, and then a second tap on the only menu item (New record). Is there a way to force the FAB to need just a single tap? And have an appropriate icon on it?

I'm finding that in my child tables there is a filters icon, but no filters. I've tried playing with permissions, but even as an admin there is nothing. I've specified filter=1 for various filters, but nothing. I'm actually agnostic about having filters on these tables, but if they aren't filterable, how can I suppress the filter icon?

Including libraries
I wanted to make use of the HTML input types number, date, and time as they seem to offer a pretty good mobile experience. So I extended HTML_QuickForm to recognise these types (using different names, because Xataface alreay uses some of them). At the moment I'm just including this by putting a
require_once(DATAFACE_SITE_PATH . "/lib/HTML_QuickForm_Extra.php");
line at the top of conf/ApplicationDelegate.php. Is there a better way to do this?

Dynamic default selected value in select lists
I have an identical field in both parent and child tables. The idea is that it is actually the value in the child table which is important, but the the parent should serve as a default. Is there a way to show the parent's value already selected when creating a new related record? I realise I could probably do this with AJAX, but that seems like an unnecessary call to the server in this case.

Thank in advance
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