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Apr 15, 2010, 6:33:11 AM4/15/10
to XAM Developers Group
Greetings all,

I originally posted this question on the EMC Community site and they
pointed me in the direction of you lovely people, so I'm wondering if
anyone can answer it. I was recently tasked with getting to grips with
the XAM API for my company. I've been getting on well setting up a
test Win32 application which I intend to use on my own filesystem,
however I have hit a snag following the sample code EMC provided:

// Connect to XSystem
xam_string vXRI = "snia-xam://example_vim!";
xsystem_handle vXSystem;
xam_status vStatus = XAMLibrary_Connect(vXRI,&vXSystem);

Referring to the code above, I have been completely unable to find
the described example_vim anywhere in the SDK. I've done some rooting
around in the syntax of XRI declaration and found that the ''
can be an IP address or other identifier. I attempted changing it to
'' since I'm working on my own file system but still no luck;
I had a feeling it wouldn't work in any case since I can't seem to
find a .dll for the VIM to begin with. All known libraries and
includes have been added to my environment (VC++ 6) but it remains

Having done some googling, I found that this mystery VIM is being
referred to as a reference VIM which is specifically set out to
emulate typical VIM features for developers to test their XAM
applications on their own systems, and it says this is included within
the XAM SDK. I have a number of dlls in my include path, including
centera_vim.dll which we intend to make use of in the release, but no
sign of anything like a reference VIM. Is there another package I
should download or am I just being foolish?



Mark Carlson

Apr 15, 2010, 7:00:24 AM4/15/10
Hi Jamie,

Go here:

to get the XAM SDK.

-- mark

Michael J. Allison

Apr 15, 2010, 12:26:52 PM4/15/10

The Reference VIM is included in the package that Mark refers to. It is written in Java and needs to run in a separate process. You'll use something called the "HTTP VIM" to communicate with the Reference VIM. There have been some errors reported with the C side of things. See some recent discussions in this group. 

Mike Allison

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