Potential to Change the dynamics of storage provisioning for cloud ...thus radically changing and shaping the future of cloud

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Changing the dynamics of storage  provisioning for cloud ...thus radically changing and shaping the future of cloud

just wonder would below be possible

  Making Storage provisioning ...interfaces accessible in the Cloud Computing

evaluating existing cloud providers

Storage provisioning by most if not all cloud providers is limited to NAS, which offers RAID 4 , RAID 6 

and most cloud providers let one to implement RAID atop luns exported from the NAS device ?? what is one gaining
by implementing additional raid levels atop a NAS exported disks / drives ?? ... additional cpu compute cycles on the client / virtual host 

...context and scope for innovation...

Just as a RAID controller can be exploited for raid capabilities , the native  RAiD4 /RAiD6 capabilities can be
exploited by the end users of cloud computing effectively

most of the storage devices  arrays/fabric switch allow them to be managed over http / https  viz. which means including all fabric planning and managment... 

given the context of  iscsi/fcoe since these interfaces can be made accessible to remote users of the cloud as well
....this is where i see that it radically innovates exploiting the capabilities of a true data-center.

i.e. bundle/package the same remote management of  SAN/NAS/Storage devices over http/https interfaces accessible to the remote clients of
the cloud ...so that they are able to bind a real time lun/drive and RAID capabilities to their virtual hosts in the cloud.


Opportunity 1) a feature / interface on list of volumes where RAID features of NAS can be exploited 
               ...light weight and exploit the NAS device effectively i.e. exploit raid4/raid6 of NAS device natively
               without a virtual-host having the necessity to employ a additional raid capability software layer and additional CPU cycles.

Opportunity 2) A cloud is a  data-center exposed with free bies and addon interfaces called virtualization ...

existing management interfaces  enables or lets one select NAS / SAN based luns with provisions for  differential pricing and
also the ability to exploit the native features of each of these underlying technologies
NAS / SAN both offer web  interface viz. http/ https based management ...tunnel these calls for cloud enable-ment corba!! / XML-rpc ,
so as a remote cloud end-user will be able to in realtime exploit the full set of features that a data-center storage provisioning
can enable or handled.

ravi shanker kv

this document can be downloaded from http://venkat15321.tripod.com/dynamicsofstorageprovisioning_cloud.txt
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