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Mike A

May 18, 2010, 5:05:56 PM5/18/10
to XAM Developers Group
Just a quick note to tell you that I've loaded a MASSIVE series of
patches for the C HTTP VIM in the xam-fixes Google code group.

Once I started looking at the C HTTP VIM I realized that while the
code compiled, it was never going to run, not even the simplest
operations such as XSystem_CreateXSet or creating properties. I
modified the C HTTP VIM to correct many errors in the protocol, safely
encode arguments etc. In the course of the investigation I found that
the HTTP server had an error in XStream_write (previously discovered
in November), and that DateTime values needed to be transported in a
different manner. This required some changes to the HTTP VIM Server to
work, and a small number of corresponding changes in the Java HTTP VIM
and unit tests.

At this point, my copy of the C HTTP VIM is able to create XSets,
reopen them, create/set/get properties, and create a stream. The
XIterator functions were fixed to work correctly. I discovered some
errors in the code for converting numerics to a wire format, and I've
patched them to allow them to work.

If you pick up these patches, be aware I've only tested the C side on
Fedora Linux, not Windows. The Java changes have been tested on a
couple of platforms.

At this time, I'm thinking that I may stop producing fixes. The number
and scope of the fixes is so large that I am not able to easily manage
a patch repository and make sure it works with the 1.0.1 source code.
I have no access to the XAM SDK repositories and can not incorporate
changes. I'm hoping someone inside of SNIA can pick them up and
incorporate them. It would be much easier if the source model was less
gated, but this is the choice that SNIA has made.

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