Connecting the Database Parser to a MySQL Web Hosted Service

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Mar 23, 2015, 3:10:47 PM3/23/15
The Database Parser can be connected to the Cloud via ODBC
and MySQL.

On Your Server Web Hosting Site:

Inside your web hosting service Using cpanel click on
MySQL Databases. 

Create a database In our example we will use the name testdb.

Create a user. Once you have created a user then add that user
to the testdb database.

When you Add a current user to the database you will go to a
screen that will let you manage the user privileges. 
In our example we have set the user to have all privilages.

From cPanel using the Remote MySQL add the ip address of the remote
computer (Your local PC) that will accessing the database.

On Your Local PC:

Download and install the MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver.

If you are running a Database Parser Example on your local PC
you will need to do the following steps.

Form the X12 Inline Database Parser screen, select the Schema
generator. Next select the Text Edit. Modify the DSN to match
the name of the database you created on your MySQL web hosting
service. Modify the SERVER to be the TCP/IP address of you
MySQL web hosting service. Modify the USER and PASSWORD you
set up on your MySQL web hosting service. 

After you save you schema with your changes Exit the Schema
Generator to the X12 Inline Database Parser screen. Next click
on Build Table. If everything is correct the Database Parser
will display Building Tables Complete, the schema used and the
number of tables created.

To run the Database Parser click Begin. A progress bar will be
displayed. You can run the example source file we have provided
or you may select you own file or a folder that contains files
you wish to parse to the database.

You can view the table you created on your web hosting service
using cpanel by clicking on phpMyAdmin.

Trouble Shooting:

You can use the ODBC Data Source Administrator add a User DSN.

In our example our Data Source Name will be mysqlweb. We will make
our Description the same name.

Select and set the TCP/IP Server to the IP address of your
web hosing service. Make sure to set the user and password.
The database is set to testdb the name of the remote database.

Click the Test button. At this point if you have everything correct 
your test results should with Connection Successful.

The trial version of the Database Parser can be downloaded from here.

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