Can the Ti Omap4 Blaze platform support GPT on x-loader boot

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Weng Da Chi

Jun 6, 2013, 10:57:03 PM6/6/13
as tittle,

I want to porting ChromiumOS on Blaze, but ChromiumOS support GPT only. I tried to boot x-loader from GPT but doesn't work. Does Blaze support GPT?

V, Aneesh

Jun 7, 2013, 2:11:00 PM6/7/13

As far as I know ChromiumOS had a port on OMAP4 Panda and Panda is not much different from Blaze at least as far as booting is concerned. As far as I remember(take this with a pinch of salt) they had used raw partitions for x-loader (and perhaps u-boot too) and GPT for everything else. You might want to dig out the history of Chromium OS on Panda. And as Nishanth Menon keeps telling on this forum, if you are planning a new project mainline u-boot/SPL is what you should be using not x-loader.

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