Meeting Minutes for 2-20-2009

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Benjamin Hamilton

Feb 21, 2009, 2:32:03 PM2/21/09
Hey X-Labbers,
Check the attached pics to see what went on. IMG00098.jpg show some ideas for the Y1 proposal.
Friday's Minutes
Topics Covered
-X4/Y1 or (X4 and Y1) or X4 or Y1
     We discussed our options designing a new group project.  X4, ofcourse, is still in the works but we feel that an underwater venture (Y1) is another possibility whether it be in tandem(separately), cooperatively(as one), or consecutively.  Y1 would do much of the same data retrieval, perhaps that the X-project does,  but in a wet atmosphere.  Please feel free to give your input at anytime.  Start a new chain mail!!  (bombard alex!!)
-Group management
     As a group, we love doing projects.  As X-Labbers, it is in our nature to tinker with things.  Could there possibly be a way to do them all?  One suggestion is that we splinter off into separate teams investigating our options or following through in each venture.  We have started some lists of people who would be interested in doing some of the behind the scenes projects below.  Again, feel free to suggest something you'd like to do.  Your input is always welcome.  
-Tesla Coil ---------------------------------(Alex, Coyt, Ben) - Rehab of the original and construction of the 15 footer!
-Capacitor Bank -------------------------(Coyt, Nick) - A capacitor bank for any use or need.  It's needs building.
-Variac Rehab & Rebuild -------------(Coyt, Nick) - The variac needs help guys.  We have the parts.  We just need the hands to do it.
-Solar Panels -----------------------------(Joey, Ben, Nick) - Needs investigation.  Wanna learn more about the trailor we meet in?
-Electric Cars -----------------------------(Joey, Ben, Nick) - Needs investigation.  There are five, total, on campus.  We need to salvage them before they're gone.  One still works!!
Do one, do 'em all.  It's up to you.  We just need people to git 'r done.
     As much as we like doing these projects, projects simply need to be done.  Meaning, we need to be armed to do them.  No guns, no bullets, and no explosives(......although i wouldn't put it past some of you!!!).  WE NEED REAL TOOLS.  After this email,  I will be starting a tools list chain mail.  As you have responded to past mailings, just respond with your ideas on some helpful tools you think are important or crucial to maintaining our group's many endeavors. 
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