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Mar 13, 2009, 10:33:29 AM3/13/09
to X Labs
For everyone who had the best of intentions, there will be no meeting
today. However, there will be a design/construction meeting sometime
next week; so please check your email!

On another note, there are some items of business:

1) Where there any members present during the Engineering BBQ this
past Wednesday? If so, thank you very much for devoting your time!!
Additionally, how was the turn out? Can you please send an email to
the group detailing the afternoon's activities?

2) Dr. Weller has asked X-Labs to produce a 10-15 minute video
detailing our high altitude weather balloon launches (see below). So
I need some members to help with this project!!

Nick – Remember the course I was going to teach last fall on wireless
sensor nets?

The faculty team behind this course is looking for student groups that
are doing project activities to make short videos about their project.
There’s a team at U. Hawaii that will do one on nano satellites, a
team at U. Vermont that will don one on hybrid vehicles, and I thought
X-Labs could do one on the high altitude balloon project. The goal is
to use these in freshman engineering courses to get students excited
about engineering. Duration would be 10-15 minutes. Are you guys

For consistency, it would be good if each video contained some common
elements. Such as:
intro – each gives their names, university, name and purpose of
in the body, be sure to include at least a brief discussion of the
“system level” aspects of the projects and describe the different
disciplines or technology areas that were involved

3) There will be an additional meeting during spring break to work on
our current projects (fusor, tesla coil, X4, and Y1). I am happy to
report that Y1 is working its way through the development phase (c/o
Alex and Keven) and that we are ready to start ordering parts for

So watch your emails and devote a sober afternoon for engineering!!


Wayne Nicholas Melton
President, X-Labs
REU Student, Dr. Weller
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of South Florida
(813) 486.2881
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