Using compressed air as Google car fuel

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Ricardo Z. Vendramini

Feb 28, 2016, 9:13:44 AM2/28/16
to X-Labs Members Email

Sorry for bothering, but  I would like to share an idea. I think using compressed air is the best alternative for refueling our car tanks and you could use it as Google car fuel

That are some reasons:

. We can build solar panel stations as “gas stations” that would work during the day compressing air for refueling car tanks.

. We would save billions of dollars that are spent today with the fuel transportation system.

. Even the compressed air powered cars have a more limited range it wouldn't be a problem because the compressed air stations are almost auto sufficient because, as we know, air is present everywhere.

. Compressed air motors are efficient. We can find many projects on internet developing compressed air vehicles (e.g.

. We can adapt the Stirling Engine that is technology well known developed for almost two centuries for building the engines(

. Compressed air powered cars filters would clean the air of our cities.

Thanks for the attention

Ricardo Z. Vendramini

Charles Suleskey

Feb 28, 2016, 8:26:10 PM2/28/16
Hello Ricardo,

Unfortunately we are a different group that is in no way affiliated withe the Google Corporation.



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