Re: MacOS standard "Window" menu is in the wrong place and sometimes moves around

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David Connet

Oct 14, 2022, 11:34:55 AM10/14/22
I never realized this, but my "Window" menu is actually being replaced on Mac. (Luckily, there's nothing terribly important in there, so no one has ever complained)
Is there a way to get the standard Mac one to merge with mine? Or should I just leave an empty Window there for Mac (ifdefed out for other platforms) and rename my existing one? (Obviously, the 2nd way is easier, but it would be nice to have just the one "Window"


On 10/14/2022 2:10 AM, Stefan Csomor wrote:


You could turn the auto-window-menu off using wxMenuBar::SetAutoWindowMenu(false) but since all the standard window manipulation commands are in there, this should rarely be used ...

Right now I'm not reordering the menus in a menubar, only adding the apple menu in the front and the window menu at the end, so the recommended way to arrive at the correct order right now would be, e.g. if you'd take the minimal sample to add a dummy window menu

menuBar->Append(fileMenu, "&File");
menuBar->Append(new wxMenu(), "&Window");
menuBar->Append(helpMenu, "&Help");

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