ANN: wxWidgets 3.0.0 new stable major release

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Vadim Zeitlin

Nov 11, 2013, 4:00:23 PM11/11/13
November 11, 2013 -- The wxWidgets team is pleased to announce a
major new release of our open source framework for the development
of native cross-platform applications in C++.

wxWidgets 3.0.0 is the first release in the new major stable 3.0
branch and is now available at

and will soon become available at our FTP mirror at

Please choose the archive format suitable for your platform, i.e. 7z
or ZIP for Windows platforms and tar.bz2 for the Unix systems
including OS X (all archives contain sources for all wxWidgets ports
but they use different line endings) and follow the instructions in
readme.txt file for installing it. Notice that if you decide to use
the Windows installer (.exe file) you still need to build wxWidgets
as only sources, not binaries, are installed.

We also provide the pre-built versions of wxMSW libraries for the
selected compilers at

Please see the README file there for the descriptions of the
individual files.

This release is a culmination of several years of development since
the last stable 2.8 release. There are too many changes to be listed
here, but the most important ones are:

- Completely overhauled Unicode support which is much easier to use.
- New Cocoa-based wxOSX port for Mac OS X for both 32 and 64 bits.
- New wxGTK3 port, including support for Broadway (HTML5) backend.
- Access to the native web rendering engine with wxWebView.
- New property grid and ribbon libraries are now included in wxWidgets.
- Better interoperability with standard library classes.
- Totally revised and more readable manual.
- Improved debugging support.

Please see the changes.txt file in the "docs" subdirectory of
wxWidgets distribution or also available online at
for more details and please read the "INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES" section
in its beginning for a brief description of changes if you are
upgrading from wxWidgets 2.8. For more details, please see

We recommend that you use wxWidgets 3.0 for any new programs and
also update any existing code using the older versions to the new
one (which should be easier than the jump in the version number
indicates) as all the future development will only happen in 3.x

We hope that you will enjoy using the new release!

Vadim Zeitlin, on behalf of wxWidgets development team.
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