Announcing wxWidgets 3.2.2 release

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Vadim Zeitlin

Feb 9, 2023, 12:30:46 PMFeb 9
February 08, 2023 -- The wxWidgets team is pleased to announce a new
stable release of our open source framework for the development of native
cross-platform applications in C++.

wxWidgets 3.2.2 is part of the API and ABI-stable 3.2.x release series and is
now available from


This release comes only a few months after the previous 3.2.1, but contains
an important number of bug fixes and enhancements, further improving high DPI
support, including:

- Better window resizing on DPI change in wxMSW.
- Fix using native icons returned by wxArtProvider.
- Fix menu items using custom font in high DPI.
- High resolution icons support in wxGenericTreeCtrl and wxGenericListCtrl.

and also improving locale-related code under Mac and Unix systems:

- wxUILocale::UseDefault() works for locales using different language and
region under Mac and fails when used for unsupported locale under Unix.
- New wxUILocale::GetSystemLocaleId() allows to retrieve such locales IDs.
- wxUILocale::GetCurrent() works currently for "C" locale under Mac.

Some other user-visible enhancements made in this release:

- Allow selecting and copying text in wxMessageDialog in wxGTK.
- Improve size and behaviour of in-place editor in wxGenericTreeCtrl.
- Fix sometimes missing overwrite prompt in "Save" file dialog in wxMSW.
- Fix glitch in drawing wxStaticBox with a control as label in wxMSW.

There are also some important bug fixes:

- Fix regression in saving TIFF images that could end up truncated.
- Fix long standing bug in parsing wxHTTP responses.
- Fix data race when processing events generated in a worker thread.
- Avoid appending extraneous NUL bytes to wxTextDataObject text in wxMSW.
- Fix handling of fonts with fractional sizes in wxOSX.
- Fix resizing wxGLCanvas with EGL and Wayland in wxGTK.
- Fix display artefacts when using AUI without compositor under X11.
- Work around crashes when using wxTextCtrl with MinGW TDM 64.
- Fix for a possible crash when handling menu events under Mac.
- Third-party libraries have been updated to the latest versions.

All in all, this release includes ~150 fixes from 27 unique contributors,
please see the full change log for more details:

This release is API and ABI-compatible with the previous 3.2.x, so
the existing applications don't even need to be rebuilt to profit from all the
fixes above if they use shared/dynamic libraries. And if they do need to be
recompiled, this can be done without any changes to the code.

We hope that you will enjoy using the new release!

Vadim Zeitlin, on behalf of wxWidgets development team.

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