Announcing wxWidgets 3.1.3 release

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Vadim Zeitlin

Oct 28, 2019, 8:36:35 AM10/28/19
October 28, 2019 -- The wxWidgets team is pleased to announce a new
release of our open source framework for the development of native
cross-platform applications in C++.

wxWidgets 3.1.3 is the latest release in the 3.1 development
branch and is now available at

Compared to the stable 3.0.x series, this version brings many
improvements and even more bug fixes, please see the change log

for the incomplete list of the most important ones. Here is the
maximally condensed summary of the changes compared to 3.0:

- Build system improvements: support for new compilers (up to MSVS 2019, g++ 9)
with an even simpler way of using wxWidgets from MSVS, with wxwidgets.props
file, and OS versions as well as an entirely new CMake build system.
- Support for native dark mode under macOS 10.14 Mojave and later.
- New features: implement freezing rows/columns in wxGrid; support for mouse
gesture events (GSoC 2017 project); non-integer font sizes and arbitrary font
weights in wxFont; fractional pen widths in wxGraphicsContext; arbitrary
label windows in wxStaticBox; markup in wxDataViewCtrl items text; better
support for high DPI monitors and per-monitor DPI and dynamic DPI changes
support under MSW; support for ZIP 64 files; LZMA compression; much improved
accessibility support under MSW.
- New classes: wxActivityIndicator, wxAddRemoveCtrl,
wxAppProgressIndicator, wxNativeWindow, wxPowerResourceBlocker,
- And methods: wxDataViewToggleRenderer::ShowAsRadio(), wxDateTime::
GetWeekBasedYear(), wxDisplay::GetPPI(), wxGrid::SetCornerLabelValue(),
wxHtmlEasyPrinting::SetPromptMode(), wxJoystickEvent::GetButtonOrdinal(),
wxListBox::GetTopItem(), wxProcess::Activate(), wxTextEntry::ForceUpper(),
several ones in wxRendererNative, wxStandardPaths::GetUserDir(),
wxToolbook::EnablePage(), wxUIActionSimulator::Select() and many others.
- New XRC handlers for wxActivityIndicator, wxAui classes, wxDataViewCtrl,
wxInfoBar, wxSimplebook, wxSpinCtrlDouble.
- Significant improvements to: wxBusyInfo, wxDataViewCtrl,
wxNotificationMessage, wxStaticBox, wxStyledTextCtrl.
- Latest versions of all bundled 3rd party libraries, including all the
security fixed and support for WebKit 2 and GStreamer 1.7 under Unix.
- Revamped OpenGL support better suited to modern OpenGL (3.2+).
- Further C++11 support improvements.
- A lot of bug fixes, especially in wxGTK3 and wxOSX/Cocoa ports.
- New experimental wxQt port.

This release is a "development" one as it makes (very few)
incompatible API changes compared to 3.0 and does not guarantee the
ABI stability, unlike the 3.0.x series. It is not inherently more
buggy or less stable than the "stable" releases and you're encouraged
to use it, including in production. If you're already using 3.0, upgrading
shouldn't require any special effort, so please try it out.

We hope that you will enjoy using the new release!

Vadim Zeitlin, on behalf of wxWidgets development team.
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