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Jonathan Ryshpan

Oct 7, 2017, 2:16:25 PM10/7/17
I'm planning to replace the current laptop, which runs Wview attached to a Davis Vantage Pro weather station with a new system. The laptop is old, its keyboard is failing and one of its USB ports is broken.  

I plan to copy the databases from the current laptop to a new system. However the data from the Vantage Pro hasn't been stored properly for the last few days.  What's the easiest way to force the new system to reload data from the Vantage Pro, at least as much data as is available. If this involves editing the archive files, wview-archive.sdb etc, what's the best tool with which to do this?

Current System
2-processor true Intel hardware
Fedora-20 Linux Op Sys
wview 5.21.7 Station Software
Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station

Richard Back

Nov 1, 2017, 9:56:15 AM11/1/17
to wview
Hi jonrysh,

just a couple of suggestions

First get the new system up and running in the simulator mode using what ever custom templates that you had for the old system .  Then connect the Davis console and get it working with wview.  Once your convinced that things are running ok and you are happy with the setup then you are ready to start moving the historical data to the new platform.

On the old system you need to export the data from the database don't try and use a direct copy of the database.  See Section 7 of the user manual: Moving your data to a different platform
then you need to copy that SQL file over to the new system.

On the new system make sure wview is not currently running (Shutdown the daemons)
you need to delete or rename these two databases:

now you need to clear all of the simulator data out of the main database.  See Section 7 of the user manual Purging All Weather Data
now follow the import example in Section 7 of the user manual: Moving your data to a different platform

now to make your life a little easier you need to rebuild the HILOW database offline its much faster but it still takes time See Section 7 of the user manual: HILOW Data -> Regenration

now you can restart wview

Wview should see the date time gap and recover whatever data may be in the console but there will most likely be gaps.  Be patient with the system for a few hours while it regenerate all other other data.  Regenerating the HILOW off line saves a lot of time and minimizes this process.

Good Luck!
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