monthly and yearly precipitation are now doubled

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Aug 21, 2018, 12:15:52 PM8/21/18
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So I upgraded my Ubuntu install and in the process I broke my wview install.  I had to rebuild and install wview again.  Everything seems to be OK, but it appears that the Monthy and Yearly precipitation numbers are now roughly doubled from what they should be.

For example, If I look at my frontpage netrainmonth.png I get 2.4".  If I look at rainmonth.png and add up all the bars for the month I get approximately 1.2".  So it's clear the raw data is still correct, it's just the cumulative data thats wrong.  If I go to my Davis Console I also get 1.20" of rain.

So, how do I fix this.  Is there a way to make the system go back and recalculate these cumulative values from the raw data?


Aug 21, 2018, 12:38:45 PM8/21/18
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It appears that maybe the hilow database is what's messed up.  For example:
sqlite> select sum(cumulative) from rain where dateTime > strftime('%s', '2018-08-01');
If I run on the archive database:
sqlite> select sum(rain) from archive where dateTime > strftime('%s', '2018-08-01');

Graham Eddy

Aug 21, 2018, 11:12:27 PM8/21/18
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yes - remove the offending summary database (while wview not running of course) and wview will detect its absence and rebuild it. master data is in wview-archive.sdb - protect this with your life

(if you are paranoid - like me - just move the offending database to one side, and delete when happy new one is built correctly)
Graham Eddy
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