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Sep 19, 2019, 3:45:57 PM9/19/19
to wview
I'm thinking of moving away from wview, mostly due to the lack of continued development. What alternatives have folks tried, particularly interested in ones that are compatible with the database used in wview. I have 15+ years of data I would like to preserve.

many thanks!


Dave Walker

Sep 19, 2019, 4:00:31 PM9/19/19
to wview
I have used WeeWX, but really miss the look and "feel" of Wview. Wish you well in your search.

Dave W.

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Christopher Joseph Alemany

Sep 19, 2019, 4:10:29 PM9/19/19
to wv...@googlegroups.com
I too have moved to weewx. It is probably the most complete and direct wview replacement out there. That said, it is a very different paradigm, and takes some getting used to, but it is rock solid and highly extensible. It has served me and my 15 year database well.

Graham Eddy

Sep 19, 2019, 10:19:07 PM9/19/19
to wview Google Group
ditto - i moved close to 15 years wview data to weewx

if you have not customised the wview schema, a copy of the database can be used directly by weewx.
caveat: any badly formatted fields in wview archive (e.g. if you manually patched a string value onto a float field to fix a problem years ago) will need to be cleaned up - and weewx includes a tool for just that purpose

the change from typical wview 30 min archive interval to typical 5 min weewx interval is transparent to the weewx graphics tool - they work fine with mixed intervals
[in the wview world, the archive interval is immutable. not so in the weewx world]

you can twiddle the weewx graphs much *much* more easily in weewx
and adding custom code is also much *much* easier

Graham Eddy

Alan Jackson

Sep 20, 2019, 11:07:06 AM9/20/19
to wview
I moved to weewx about a year ago. I documented my data cleanup before the move, and the setup afterwards on my blog, http://www.adelieresources.com/
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