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May 8, 2008, 11:05:24 PM5/8/08
to WSU-Assembly-Engrs
Would you please look at my code. I have uploaded it to the discussion
page along with all needed include files. I am just trying to get the
0 tile to move with a random seed tile (between 0 & 3). Once I can do
it once, I will make it do it a couple hundred times to set the board
for play. When I compile the code I get an error message for line 270
that reads:

PC-relative value must be 8-bit

Any thoughts on why?

Thank you!

John Harrison

May 8, 2008, 11:16:26 PM5/8/08
to wsu-assem...@googlegroups.com
sounds like you are using jr and should use jp.

John Harrison

John Harrison

May 9, 2008, 8:46:54 AM5/9/08
to wsu-assem...@googlegroups.com
I downloaded your code and sure enough if you change line 270 from jr to
jp, it compiles fine. I didn't check it beyond that.

One small thing...MS windows is apparently not worrying about case in
your filenames, but other OSes are case-sensitive so whenever I look at
your code, I always have to change the filenames in the includes to
match the case of the real filenames. For example, you have:
INCLUDE "bigspritef.asm"

and I had to change that line to:
INCLUDE "bigspriteF.asm"

to fix the "file not found" error. If you make your the cases match in
the filenames, you'll save others a few steps and perhaps a bit of
confusion. Also you didn't include smileheart2, so I jist used
smileheart and changed the label name in that file.


John Harrison

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