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Mark Schmid

Feb 22, 2024, 9:48:31 AMFeb 22
to Wram, Wram
The  WBC/FunFly 24’ and  is scheduled for Saturday June 15th 12pm- until?  Fun Fly events, Prizes for each event, 50/50 raffle and great food as always, donation required. WBC/FunFly open to all members, guests welcome to enjoy the food and camaraderie.  

                       WRAM WBC


The contest is first and foremost, a fun event for all members. It is not “Top Gun”,The Scale Masters, etc. We want everyone to participate at whatever level they can, with as many aircraft as possible. 

1) MODEL CATEGORIES- Regardless of the type of aircraft you are entering, it will fall into one of the following three categories.

A) Kit or Scratch Built.

B) ARF / PNP with accessories added 

C) Restored / Reconstructed / Repaired (or Salvaged)

Each category will allow for any aircraft. That is, the plane or heli can be Military, Sport, Scale, Aerobatic, etc. Final decision as to category suitability will rest with the Judges. You may enter as many finished and flight ready models as you wish.

2) COMPLETION OF THE MODEL RULES- The spirit of the contest is to encourage members to have worked on a model over the Winter and/or Spring so that it is ready to fly the current year. 

A) If you finished and flew a model in the prior year, it does not qualify (everyone is on the Honor System)    

 B) If you completed a model in the prior year but flew it for the first time after the first of January of this year, it qualifies.

C) If you completed a model after the first of January of this year, and either flew it sometime this year prior to the contest, or chose NOT to fly it prior to the contest, it qualifies.

D) If you flew the model this prior year or earlier, wrecked it and rebuilt it in time for the contest, it qualifies.

•••(23’ was a bust if your model was completed for last year we’ll give you a little leeway)•••

3) JUDGING CRITERIA- Judges will use the following criteria to determine podium finishers: Overall appearance, observable craftsmanship, fit & finish, originality and general presence on the flight line. Models MUST BE READY FOR FLIGHT, but actual flights are not required to enter the contest. (NOTE- If you’ve done a ton of great work, and the Judges CAN’T SEE IT, then you can expect to score lower overall. In other words, this is a “Beauty Contest”).

4) MODEL CATEGORY WINNERS- Each of the three categories will have THREE podium winners, First through Third place and will receive a prize.

5) BEST OF SHOW WINNER- One model out of all entered- regardless of category, etc.- will be judged as Best In Show. The lucky winner gets to keep the WRAM WBC Best Of Show perpetual trophy in their possession until the following year’s contest. At that time he will either have to win it again or hand it over to the winner for that year.

Enter as many models that qualify under these rules. Any questions or clarifications feel free to contact me at your convenience.  


  Good luck and have fun!

Mark Schmid 

WRAM President

Email with any questions 


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