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Protest Against Peter Nygard. Two Sons And 57 Women Have Accused Him Or Others Paid By Him Of Sexual Assault. LONG Very LONG.

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Greg Carr

Aug 31, 2020, 8:56:55 PM8/31/20
WINNIPEG -- Demonstrators donning face masks gathered outside a former Peter Nygard property Wednesday afternoon, speaking out against sexual violence and misogyny.

It coincides with a stay of proceedings granted this past Friday in a class-action lawsuit filed by 57 women against Nygard, which contains allegations of sexual assault.

While a judge has hit pause on the case, rally organizers said it’s time for the community to take a stand.

“It’s the moment. The Me Too movement has happened, time’s up is in the air,” said Julie Guard, a University of Manitoba history and labour studies professor.

Guard spoke at the rally which was put on by local unions and organizers of Women’s March Winnipeg.

Organizers said the goal is to bring attention to the Nygard case, support the women who’ve come forward and put a stop to sexual violence.

“I think the point of the rally is to insist that as a community, we say no,” said Guard. “No more to this. Time’s up.”

The 57 women, including 18 Canadians, joined the lawsuit against Nygard which was first filed this past February in a U.S. court.

It alleges, in part, Nygard promised young, impressionable women lucrative modelling careers by hosting so-called ‘pamper parties’ at his luxury mansion in the Bahamas.

Parties, the lawsuit alleges, were actually meant to entice women who were then sexually assaulted.

“I think it takes a lot of courage in today’s society to stand up to that kind of power and privilege,” said Leslie Spillett, a community advocate and activist.

“It needs to stop. Patriarchy and misogyny in this society needs to be challenged as fiercely as racism and other types of oppression.”

Spillett, who worked as a representative for the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union in 1980s, told the demonstration Nygard employed some of the union’s members.

No criminal charges have been filed against Nygard and none of the allegations in the lawsuit have been tested in court.

Nygard’s lawyer has repeatedly denied the accusations against his client.

The exact reasons for the stay of proceedings in the civil suit have been sealed by a judge. Prior to the order being sealed court records showed the stay was the product of a government motion.

Lawyers said the case isn’t over and it could still move forward at another time.

The legal system, activists said, can make it difficult for women to come forward.

Guard hopes demonstrations like this will make a difference.

“One of the problems with the existing system is that it’s very difficult for victims to get success through the court system so we need to change a number of things, including the way that these things are prosecuted in the courts,” said Guard.

Demonstrators said while they’re not directly connected to the Nygard case, they wanted to support the women who came forward.

-With files from Kelly Geraldine Malone of The Canadian Press. pictures.
I note the number of demonstrators about 50 is less than the number of ppl alleging sexual victimization. Plus each of the alleged victims has friends, coworkers, family, teachers, neighbours. The photos of the event show less than that . Sure Mr. Nygard has power and privledge and money but compared to Jeffrey Epstein he is a gnat and Epstein served time and eventually died in custody. I doubt it was a suicide. Epstein was a billionaire and his friends included former Pres. Clinton. and Prince Andrew who said he would cooperate with the investigation by American authorities but hasn't and at one time Donald Trump. Same alleged M.O. a Caribean bunga bunga mansion. There is suppossed to be lots of video from the Epstein mansion and I am sure Mr. Nygard's mansion has at least outside security video. Hopefully it will become public. I watched an excellent video about sex with underage teen models on BBC. There was obvious coercion going on by ppl suppossed to look out for them. Former models talked of sexual relationships with much older men in the fashion industry which lasted for a number of years. They spoke of parties they attended as couples and none of the hundreds of financially well off adults present blinked an eye. I searched for ten minutes on Google in videos and all but had so many search results that I couldn't find what I was looking for. BBC "documentary" fashion industry models pedophilia Europe. Did stumble on the fact that Rolf Harris the old childrens TV entertainment person who became a painter has been convicted of four rapes of underage ppl. Tie My Kangaroo Down was a fave song of mine as a child haven't thought about it in decades. even the Beatles covered it. has the story of how he went to prison and lost his honours. He received less than 6 years. You can do more time for stealing $40k from a hugely profitable scores of billion dollars net worth multi-national bank. Hope his victims sue.

Anyways back to Mr.Nygard the demonstrators condemn patriarchy and misogny but Mr.Nygard has been accussed of orchestrating the rape of two of his sons and the Patriarchs of the Bible never did anything homosexual and the Patriarch Kings of Israel never raped any females. Mr.Nygard if guilty of the claims against him is a misanthrope rapist. Good luck finding a place on the WWW that will tell you the average amount of time served for ppl convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to more than 2 years in Canada. Guess the govt and their bureaucratic allies don't want us to know. Just like they collude to cover up the Keilburger family and WE and Trudeau family and Morneau family scandal and all the other Liberals involved with the help of the CBC who hasn't broken one story on the issue.
Sons sue Nygard over 'abuse'
Lawsuit alleges fashion mogul paid sex worker to rape them as teens
Ryan ThorpeBy: Ryan Thorpe
Posted: 08/16/2020 8:56 PM

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Two of Peter Nygard’s sons have filed a lawsuit against their father claiming the Winnipeg fashion mogul paid a sex worker to rape them when they were teenagers.

The accusations from Nygard’s children — identified only as "John Doe No. 1" and "John Doe No. 2" in court documents — come to light as their father finds himself ensnared by mounting rape allegations.

Through his lawyer, Peter Nygard has denied the accusations made by his sons. (Mintaha Neslihan Eroglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/TNS)</p>
Through his lawyer, Peter Nygard has denied the accusations made by his sons. (Mintaha Neslihan Eroglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/TNS)

The Free Press has identified both accusers in the case but is choosing not to name them to protect their privacy.

When reached for comment, Nygard's lawyer, Jay Prober, denied the accusations.

"My client is shocked by these allegations, which he says are completely false. He categorically denies them. And you’ll note the allegations are nothing more than generalities, sadly lacking in detail, and you might ask yourself why?" Prober said.

"And the reason is because my client says it never happened. That’s why it consists of generalities and no detail. Peter Nygard also believes this is part of the continued publicity campaign against him."

When asked why two of Nygard’s children would make accusations of this nature against him, Prober said he could not comment, adding you would have to ask them.

One of the sons claims he was flown from California to Winnipeg in 2018 where Nygard "pre-planned and instructed that his long time ‘girlfriend,’ a known sex worker," would rape him. This was done to "make a man" out of him, court documents allege. He was 14 years old at the time.

But it wasn't the first time Nygard paid a sex worker to rape one of his children, according to court documents. In 2004, Nygard allegedly paid the same woman to rape a different son, then 15 years old, in the Bahamas.

Nygard, 79, has at least seven children.

"Nygard’s sons bring this case to shed the light of truth for their own justice and to help provide a voice for other innocent victims of violence and sexual abuse by their father," the lawsuit reads.

"They stand now for their own truth and justice, guided by the ethos that silence cannot be countenanced; silence is complicity; now is the time to speak — to speak the truth for all victims."

The lawsuit, which requests a jury trial, was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York Sunday. The allegations have not been proven in court.

Fifty-seven women have publicly accused Nygard of raping them in a class-action lawsuit filed in U.S. court Feb. 13, 2020. The initial lawsuit is separate from the lawsuit filed by Nygard's two sons, although the same lawyers are representing the plaintiffs in both cases.

Multiple women who have accused Nygard of rape say they were minors at the time of the alleged offences, and others claim they were drugged. The accusations span at least three continents, five countries and four decades.

Initially, 10 women were signed onto the class-action lawsuit. Since then, the number of accusers has steadily increased, and the lawyers representing the plaintiffs say more than a dozen women not included in the lawsuit have stepped forward to claim Nygard raped them.

Nygard, speaking through his attorneys, has repeatedly maintained his innocence, saying he’s at the centre of an elaborate conspiracy orchestrated by people with a personal vendetta against him who are intent on destroying his business and reputation.

Prober has previously told the Free Press the allegations against his client are malicious and false, suggesting the accusers are lying for money.

On Feb. 25, Nygard’s international headquarters in New York City was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York Police Department. Soon after, it was revealed Nygard was at the centre of a probe by a joint-child exploitation task force.

Twitter: @rk_thorpe Nygard's lawyer certainly is earning his money. Has anyone gone to the cops in Winnipeg or the RCMP if not why not? Also many of the victims are foreigners have they gone to the police in their countries if so why not plus the police in the Caribean country where the alleged incidents took place?

Nygard has all along said it is all a complicated conspiracy and there are ppl doing life terms in prisons who claim the same thing. Be bizarre if that turned out to be true in this case. May justice and truth prevail may all liars be punished. Fight The Good Fight!

I don't have the time to get into this but check out these Japanese perverts. Child porn was legal in Japan until June 2014. Way to go in joining the 21st Century there Nippon how about stop hunting whales? No wonder there was so much rape/murder by Japanese troops in WW2 in Asia. They still haven't compensated the Korean " comfort women" who were beaten and gang raped into years of forced prostitution. The Japanese as oppossed to the Germans get little education on the atrocities their kinsmen committed in WW2 and even if they are curious about the war the vast majority of historical material is in languages they can't understand.
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