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Gutless Wpg Police Dept. Tells Citizens To Stop Videotaping Liquor Store Thieves.

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Oct 27, 2019, 5:30:55 AM10/27/19
Police warn against photographing criminals as videos of Liquor Mart thefts make social media rounds

Bystander videos of store thefts typically aren't helpful in catching thieves: Winnipeg police spokesperson
CBC News · Posted: Oct 26, 2019 3:58 PM CT | Last Updated: October 26

Police are aware of the videos showing thefts at Liquor Marts appearing on social media, a spokesperson said, but they don't necessarily help in investigations. (Trevor Brine/CBC)
With several recent videos showing thefts at liquor stores making the rounds on social media, Winnipeg police are warning bystanders not to intervene and to keep their phones in their pockets when they see a crime in progress.
"In terms of getting involved, we don't recommend it. It's not safe," Const. Rob Carver told CBC News Saturday.
"We've had incidents, certainly in the last while, where customers have attempted to intervene and have been assaulted, sometimes with weapons."

Even taking a photo or video isn't worth the risk, Carver said.
"Just because you're not intervening directly, doesn't mean that pulling out your phone and recording them is safe," he said.
"If they take offence at that and come at you, you've got a $500 or $1,000 [phone] in your hand that could be smashed. You could be attacked if they don't like what you're doing."
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He added police are aware of the videos appearing on social media, but that they don't necessarily help in investigations.
"I'm not aware of one instance, and there's a lot of these, where a private citizen's cellphone recording of the event has helped us arrest somebody," he said.
"All of the stores have high-def video. We're getting that video on a regular basis, teams are reviewing it, we're linking the videos to suspects and making arrests on a regular basis.

"None of that has been facilitated by someone recording it themselves."
If you see a crime in progress, Carver said, you should find a safe place to wait until it's over.
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The Winnipeg Police Dept, did little when the Redd Alert gang blew up two of their squad cars a few years. Also when the Manitoba Hell's Angels stole the files of the Wpg Police dept relevant to them they just shrugged and did nothing. Good luck to the righteous and even half assed ppl of Wpg who want this organized crime wave to stop.

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