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Steven Spence

Nov 8, 2003, 3:25:01 PM11/8/03
This is posted here so that when christians say "why were we not
warned" can be shown to have silenced me there.

I placed messages that then happened about the hurricane and the fires
in california and the theologyforums did not want others there to be
effected by this so they banned me. This is a not to explain two
things that were written there.

One that they would not let others read was.

A god that creates a hell needs to go there. Speaking of Ye are
gods, and that Jesus even went to hell for three days. (two thousand
years marriage to a harlot)

Also I said six days before the fires in southern calif. "The coming
fire, so hot it would melt her veil (panties, harlot, church) and
leave her with nowhere to hide. Instead of deleting the word that they
misunderstood they deleted the whole post as innappropriate.
(Religion, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets, stops their
speech. Now look your house will be left desolate.

Miles Davis

Nov 8, 2003, 9:24:41 PM11/8/03

"Steven Spence" <> wrote in message

Get a clue.....then maybe you will have peace of mind

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