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Nov. 12-Nov.14 Trip To Wpg.

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Greg Carr

Nov 15, 2022, 9:54:50 AM11/15/22
Flew into town via Air Canada stayed at the Queen Bee motel 2 star place clean but no hot water for the shower staff was willing to let me book in at 2AM. Saw the BC Lions lose to WPG at the stadium was concerned the exuberant fans around me would accidentally knock me over in their high 5's etc. Noticed a keep right sign at the entrance to the men's washroom never seen that in a stadium before. The Wpg cheerleaders performed at the free beer garden by that I mean no entry fee music was good. Watched Toronto defeat Mtl in the Eastern Final on the big screen. 2 ppl said Tony Beck was an asshole and someone later said stay away from Tony Beck I thought this odd until I saw all the OK Tires ads at the field level he is the Pres. of that firm. Oh wait he has been demoted perhaps way to go OK Tires has a pic of puffy Tony Beck with his thin mustache. Stuff about Tony Beck. When do I get my money?

The staff at the stadium were doing a good job. Did not know Wpg led the league in causing opponents time count and procedure violations.

Went to a Subway restaurant Downtown for breakfast they keep the juice and water cooler locked never seen that at any Subway before. The young Indo staff member told me she had been in town a month and had left Toronto because of the violent crime there. Noticed no junkie debris during my three days but I was only downtown and near the university way different from Downtown Vancouver and Surrey. Did see some gang tags. Saw more Bible tags downtown than posters for heavy metal concerts rock on Osbourne St. must mention the SS lightning tag I saw from the 15 bus to the airport on a white brick wall two White guys hanging around it. A guy at the football game mentioned he had not seen a Manitoba Hell's Angel in years. After the game they use GTR security to direct traffic in Vancouver they use regular and auxiliary police. At the Queen Bee the staff had a plank of wood to help block the door. Former SFU Clansmen player said hi. Air Canada did a A1 job. Saw 22 charter buses taking folks home from the game to wherever around 31k fans unlike BC Place they announce the attendance. Good luck Bombers in the Grey Cup

Noticed after coming home that the office/business complex on King George Hwy just south of the A and W has finally put up an A1 gate to ward off taggers and addicts. Blue homeless tent in the fenced off empty lot its a former gas station at KGH and 72Ave. they broke open the locked gate again. Two homeless ppl across the street by the closed for the night garage with shopping carts of stuff.

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