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Aug 15, 2010, 5:05:31 AM8/15/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Dwalin Stonecruncher stopped. That stone he just laid bare with his
pickaxe was shimmering like no other stone he has yet seen in his
whole life! And he was no green shortbeard anymore. This stone did not
even feel like any other stone! There was some energy that stone
radiated. And it was different to that poisoned stone the Rat-things
seemed to be after so greedily.
And behind that stone seemed to lie a massive ore vein of the same
type. That was news their runesmith should hear!..

Here's the place to publish all those fluff stories you might be
inspired to write. So go on...


Aug 23, 2010, 1:30:06 PM8/23/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Sir Ralph Alumni spat on the ground !

Pulling in his destrier he looked across the meadows where the men at
arms were practising their formation movements, in the distance
longbow archers filled the sky with a rain of arrows toward the staked
out targets representing goblins and orcs.

War was in the air, since the rumours had started of potential
pressures between the four empires across the land he had been sending
messages to the barons across the land. Everyday more and more pledges
arrived of men, arms and supplies.

Unfortunately, all of this would cost gold and he had precious little
in the treasury.... hmmm, he mused if it were only as simple as the
days when he could strap on his shield and armour and charge into the


Aug 24, 2010, 3:13:36 AM8/24/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
From Chief Jurisch of Empire Red:

Dwarf King Jurisch of Bakadum received some bad news from all areas.
The Chaos is marching again, but this time assisted by dirty rats and
cruel pirates. Additional the Dark elves have agreed to an alliance
with the Tomb King's armies including the awful greenskins. Jurisch's
Tollslayer are celebrating to get into war, but he knows that this is
a dangerous situation for the Dwarf kingdoms. He sent messages to all
Dwarfs to join their forces to beat the aggressors.

More news arrive - the snootly High Elves are on the march too
assisted by Arabian troops and some Lizardman.

To stop them all more troops are required and he sent messages to the
realm of the Bretonnis and signed a alliance with the proud Grail
knights to protect the world from death and disease.


Aug 25, 2010, 3:47:11 AM8/25/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Dwarf King Jurisch of Bakadum received more information from his spies
within the Blue alliance.
He has been informed wrong about the Dogs of War. There are Daemons on
their way commanded by Dog.

Protect your empire!


Aug 24, 2010, 3:44:26 PM8/24/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
It was with a heavy heart that Jaque de Winberg looked back at the
shores of Bretonnia as the ships slowly set sail towards that the
exotic island in the middle of the sea. Many years ago a colony was
established on that remote Island and while it always has been a
dangerous place a recent message of the dwarf lord Jurisch of Bakadum
about massive forces of many different factions brought the island
back to the attention of the great king Louen Leoncoeur.

It was the king himself who assembled an expeditionary force and held
a tournament to find the right General for this mighty army. Jaque de
Winberg, whos brother died in the last Bretonnian expedition, saw it
as his duty to fullfil his brothers destiny and clearly the Lady
favored him as he swept the competition and won the tournament with
only minor injuries. But this expedition was not only about honor or
about the defensive of the colony lead by Sir Ralph Alumni, it also
was about a very profitable trade agreement with the dwarves in
exchange for Bretonnias assistance.

The voyage took several days and while the commoners where busy
sailing, Jaque de Winberg and his commanders studied the maps and the
battlefields that they were about to wage war on. The general did not
feel good about his dwarven allies as the knights were all disgusted
by the dwarven art of war, which relied on heavy machinery and missle
weapons but besides that they also respected the dwarven courage and
admired their warrior prowess.
It was going to be a diffulct task to fight on foreign lands against
so many different enemies but De Winberg was confident that the Lady
would grant them victory in the end.

When the ships finally reached the foreign shores the knights were
reliefed to find their feet back on solid ground and they eagerly
waited for the horses to be unloaded. And while the army slowly
assembled on the shores, messengers were sent in advance of the army
to Jurisch of Bakadum and Sir Ralph Alumni. And above to royal signet
it was written: " Bretonnia has arrived "


Aug 25, 2010, 2:16:39 PM8/25/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
The country is restless. „War“, whispers the fearful people.

The empires prepare for fighting.

Khorne is stirring.

Soliton, a commander of the mighty General Archaon, gathers his army
in the wide of the chaos desert. They distinguish not between good or
bad. They know no pain, no fear …
no mercy.

The strong will survive. The weak will fall.
Born to fight, living for Chaos.

Archaon himself has forged an alliance between Skaven, Deamons and the
Chaoswarriors. The battle is not to avoid. The time is conveniently to
build up a new chaos empire amid the factions. When all are fighting
each other, the chaos will rise and become stronger and stronger.
Soliton looks over the plain, where thousands of warriors wait for
their god to open the Warpportal so that a new invasion can begin.
He screams impatient the Name of his god, and so does his horde. Their
wild roaring thunders in the air and over the plain.
The will of Khorne will spread over the world.

Soon. The Storm will start again. Soon. The Blood will flow. Soon. The
world will change.



Aug 26, 2010, 2:54:45 AM8/26/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
This one is by Azrael:

Elondril the Chosen stared out over his amassed forces with a heavy
Once again must he battle the forces of evil to defend the World for
the lesser races to abuse its riches.
He was forced again into alliances not of his choosing with sub-
species and underlings all for the greater good.
He remembered the last time he had battled against the foes of the
Elves and how he had been victorious. But that was when he was in
charge, not as some auxillary force of a power hungry general.
No good would come from all of this he was sure especially as Elondril
the Chosen did not like taking orders!


Aug 26, 2010, 6:02:31 AM8/26/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
His time had come. Sefanus, a direct descendant of Malekith knew it
was time to mobilize his troops to
knuckle down the rest of the world. Alone, he knew he had no chance to
realize his plan, but he had assured himself the
loyalty of three Khemri kings. He had promised them for their loyalty,
the rule over the "dark continent".
Similarly, an Orc army followed him, which had assured him of the
prospect to eat dwarf meat their support.
Together the huge armies went to the port to start their crusade.
Spies had reported that all over the old
world armies are on their way to conquer a newly discovered island.
There was to begin his raid. On his lizard
sitting Sefanus looked around, and saw masses of dark elves-,
skeletal- and Orc warriors. They should allow his plan.
He raised his sword and gave the order to depart.


Aug 26, 2010, 7:13:05 AM8/26/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
He can not recall his youth, not even when he was Pharaoh, not the
luxury of the temple or the good citizens under his govern. He only
have live daydreams of a remote Era of war, when he collected some
triunphs against his enemies in battle... but that was a long long
time ago.

Now AmmonHothep awaits, trying to remember. His skin has been peeling
away through the years, but his gold crown still glows on his putrid

Sitting on a throne of skulls looks beyond the horizont, day and
night. Last days he started to feel the call of the battle, the magic
wind that whispers the desaire of recalling his victories in the old

So the Tomb Kings still awaits hungry for battle, he can not recall
his youth but he know for sure that this magic feeling will bring
War... very soon. He tries to smile but has no lips... so he can only
stay sit....awating.


Aug 27, 2010, 3:46:08 PM8/27/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Percival d'Esprit mount his horse and took the helmet from his page
with a short nod.
His armed forces were still more than six weeks away from Royal Court!
Too late! Percival spat on the ground.

Thinking of this young bretonnian knight that won the tournament and
had been given this prestigious quest to fulfill he could still bite
his lips until bleeding. He would have given his best battlehorse to
being part of that crusade! And had he been at this tournament he
would sure have thrown this youngling out of the saddle! Why should
this just about page Winberg be better than his brother that did not
reach anything but to heighten his family's fame by giving his own

If he would not hold his Lady's honor so high he would have blamed
her. But this thought only blinked very shortly in his mind. It was
rightful and honorable that he was sent into the Border Princes by the
visions from the Lady of the Lake to help out the poor settlers there.
Ort else they would already be part of this dreadful unliving army!

It was the Lady's will and so be it!

He looked around, saw that his men were ready and heightened the
pressure very slightly at his horse's flank. "Tempête" moved forward
and with him the whole army.

Percival opened the visor of his helmet. What was that? At the edge of
the wood before them a strange mist began to come up. This could be
just any morning dampness but his instinct told him it was a sign - a
remuneration for good service. And so it was!


Sep 1, 2010, 8:30:34 AM9/1/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Cloudy and rainy the port presented itself, as the last ships of the
fleet moored.
The first ships of the in black cloaks wrapped troops had already been
unloaded, and
the units made their way inland on looking for a suitable place for
their camp.
Not far from the landingsite was soon found a place and Sefanus tent
was pitched in the middle.

When the Sovereign got together for a first conversation with his
lords, the lore was forwarded,
that a breton army, under the banner of Charles de Winberg is made
ready for deployment.
Furthermore, some dwarf armies were sighted move. "Charles de Winberg
is dead!" Sefanus announced.
"Many years ago he died by a crossbow bolt of the Dark Elves. Then the
rumors are therefore right that his
brother Jaque de Winberg has started itself to avenge his brother's
death." proclaimed the Sovereign.

The rain pattered unceasingly on the tent roof and from outside they
heard the noise of the arriving troops.
Sefanus sent scouts to search for a suitable battlefield where he
could face Jaque de Winberg. Even
his army wanted revenge. For once, when Charles de Winberg died, he
brought his people a devastating defeat.
"This chapter of our history, we are here to add a dignified end."
Sefanus said. He sent for his commanders,
and let pray the magicians to Khaine for his support.

The next morning was finally dry. Sefanus walked out of his tent to
view his troops. He talked to his commanders
and his army formed up to march against the Bretons. The fog moved
from the field right to their camp where
a lot was going on. Warriors were running around and moved in
formation. As his army was ready Sefanus rode
into the fog. Followed by an army of dark elves, which was prepared to
do anything to take revenge
on the Bretons and de Winberg.


Sep 2, 2010, 2:17:21 AM9/2/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Jurisch Dwarf King of Bakadum has noticed movements of a Khemri army
under command of Tomb King Cheffe. The dwarf rangers are doing a good
job while scouting the enemies movement.
A possible battleground has found and the dwarves are prepared to beat
the Undead within a lovely river valley within the next two days. The
ranger scouts still follow the enemy and provides useful informations,
so that the dwarves will be in best position to take revenge for a
defeat years ago.

Judith Argall

Sep 2, 2010, 6:02:21 PM9/2/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
The messenger sent by Sir Ralph Alumni had made good sport for the
Witch Elves.
The liveried colour of the human invaders from Breton offended his
ancient eyes and should be muted.
Jonar Gall steadied his cold one Zuthid, the scent of blood from the
Khainanite rituals were frenzying him, they would hunt again soon.
He lusted to be killing his true nemeses the Asur but would have to
settle for less...


Sep 3, 2010, 5:27:05 PM9/3/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
It is close to midnight.

hollow Drumbeat!

then silence...

again Drumbeat. Bloodcurdling screams in the air. YES, the Evil Bones
are here. They are on their march to the battlefield.

One of the wise Liche Priest perceived the Dwarf Scouts. But he was
not interested to alert the troups and to haunt those Rangers. He was
talking to himself: Soon. very soon. He also knows that a lot of
Troops will stay on the battlefield. However Bones don`t care!



Sep 4, 2010, 11:30:15 PM9/4/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
The sun was shining bright as the first reports came in of Dark Elf
scouts who where advancing before their main army. De Winberg brought
his men into formation and the air was filled with the sound of
clapping armour, galloping horses and orders where shouted to prepare
for the comming battle.
It didnt take long before the enemy was in sight and the Dark Elf
general moved his forces steadily towards the Bretonnian line. De
Winberg sent his pegasus knights to the left flank to do some scouting
- thinking they would still out of range for the enemy- but out of
nowhere black riders on dark demonic steeds appeared and shot down
many of the noble animals. So he ordered his Captain Bertrand Muillon
to deal with this flank and advanced with his knights to the right
flank. The center was held by the commoners who tried to advance
towards the dark elf artillery to take it down.

De Winberg was sure that he was able to hold this attack off, until
all of a sudden bolts and arrows came out of the nearby woods, all
aimed with great precision at the leaders of his main forces. Captain
Muillon was killed by one of those bolts and his entire group broke
into chaos, orders where shouted but it was too late. Many of the
knights held their advance and where quickly surrounded and attacked
by the vicious cold one knights who came charging out of a nearby

Jaque de Winberg was able to deflect the bolt that was aimed at him
but as he realized how badly his left flank was hit, he could not
afford to charge right into the dark elf lines and had to sound the
retreat, otherwise his whole army would have been surrounded and
destroyed. It was a shameful day for De Winberg as this battle was
without glory, many of his knights fell and too few dark elfs payed
the price for their cowardly attack. But there is going to be another
time and his enemies will pay for this disgrace.

The only good news on that day came, when the messenger from his
allies arrived. The dwarven king Jurisch was able to stop the march of
the undead and the mighty Lord Alumni defeated the second dark elfs
army that was heading in their direction.


Sep 8, 2010, 9:46:24 AM9/8/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Svein is sitting next to the campfire and looks to Ulf. They are grown
together and often they have fought against each other for woman and
for loot. But when the things get tight they can rely on each other.
They are friends as good as a friendship can be in the chaos desert.
During their growing Ulf exhibited more and more a strange behavoir.
During the battle he fights like a daemon with unnaturally speed and
precision but from time to time in between the battles the expression
in his changes and he speaks about peace, saving lives and about
protecting the weak.
For Svein it seems that Khorne and the damned Sigmar claim the soul of
Ulf for themselves. In this moment Sigmar is speaking out of Ulf. “Why
do we have to fight in a Land we don´t know anything about? The people
there have done nothing bad to us? Can´t we talk to them and build up
a peaceful coexistent. I´ll think I ask our commander”. Ulf tries to
stand up but Svein grab him and force him to sit down “Sit down and
shut up. They will take your head, still before you ended your first
“Last night a have had to keep watch near the commando tent and I
heard that the portals would be finished soon. But our army would be
one of the last to enter the new land. When we are there you can
spread peace to the people living there”. In his mind he added “With
your sword”.

Commander Bran leans against the tent pole, hidden in the dark. He has
overheard the conversation and smiles. Bran knows the strange behavior
of Ulf and also he has seen his unbelievable skills during the battle.
If Ulf will still fight in this way, he will be soon become promoted
to the elite unit of the warriors. Bran is inquisitively what the gods
plan to do with this strange man. It would be interesting to see the
further happening.
But now he has other problems. They received order from Archaon. The
departure of their army has to be delayed because the portals are
still not ready for usage.
But they cannot wait much longer in this position. The army and the
camp is set up only for a quick invasion. Now the supply with fresh
water and the refuse of the huge army becomes a problem. The horses
are also prepared for a quick attack and are tethered near their
He gave order to excavate latrines on several places in the camp. Also
a temporary paddock was built, so the horses can move around to remain
their forces. Yesterday he has to kill 4 horses because they founder.
Their riders have not taken care about them. After the horses were
dead the riders were hanged. Bran has no usage for undependable riders
without a horse.

General Soliton looks up when the curtain was pulled back und Bran
entered the tent. „Just in time. The other finished already their
reports. How is the situation in the camp?”. Bran looks at the map
with the battle plan in front of Soliton and answered:”The men become
restless. We can’t stay here much longer”.
A sigh escaped Soliton Lips: “I know, the other commanding officer
reported the same. I also told Archaon the situation, but the only
order we receive is to stay her and wait the finishing of the portals.
He stare to the map. “We get the first maps of our target from our
allied. The empires already deployed their armies. Hopefully the
Skaven constructors have not misjudged and we end up in the right
position when we walk through the portals. Otherwise it will be a very
unpleasant trip.”

Again the curtain was pulled back. A courier with dust on his clothes
enters the tent. In his bag He has new orders from Archaon.

Claus (Austria)

Sep 11, 2010, 5:41:13 AM9/11/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
The wizzards had informed him some days ago about an alliance of Chaos
and Skaven forces accumulating their forces at the borders.
Messangers were sent to his allies, the noble High Elfes, the brutal
Lizzardmen living in the southern swamp lands and his good old friend
"Nafets ben Muktar" to prepare for war.
Also he sent scouts of "Flying Carpet Riders" to monitor their lands
as no one understood for what event the Chaos hordes were

Yes, it were a good decission to do so......1 hour ago the Carpet
riders returned. The news they had were not good but they finally
confirmed what were going on.....a huge Chaos portals got detected and
hordes of Chaos units coming out of them.

The pieces of the puzzle could be assembled now and gave a full
picture. This were the event the smelling hordes were waiting for and
the cunning Skaven were supporting them. Yes the Skaven...their old
enemies....they were masters in forging cunning plans and supported by
hordes of Chaos they could become a danger.

He were gazing into the sunset in front of his summer-tent when the
High Elf messanger appeared.
Sharon the Noble, his high elf ally and friend from days when he wer a
child were sending this messanger. The news were not good ones......
another huge Chaos portal were spitting out Hordes of Chaos in the
western part . Sharon will lead his forces to fight them.
He realized that the decades of peace were over now and that he has to
prepare his people for war.
Clan fights were part of their life but war in this dimensions is
something different.....
He took a last glimpse at the sunset and gave order to the messagner
to bring news to Sharon that he will now lead his forces to the
eastern portal to battle the Chaos hordes appearing there.

He hade heared about them ...The Chaos Hordes..... the old and wise
men of their people were telling tales about them but he had never
seen them in real life....this will change now....

He were not scared about the Chaos Hordes, he were scared about the
speed things were changing and news coming to his place......a new
"Flying Carpet" Scout appeared bringing details of the Hordes
appearing at the Eastern portal.

Lots of Chariots and Hounds from the hell as well as a Dragon....this
scout had luck to escape the dragon but his 2 companions died, slashed
by the smelling beast from the hell, but this gave him the chance to
escape and to manage to bring this information to him.....The Grand
Vezir "Claus ibn ben Arab" ....
Hundred of eyes from people in his summer camp were now gazing at see him stare into the sunset.....

He stopped his silence, turned on his feet and said "Prepare for war
my sons and daughters .... the days of peace are over ....."

Immedeately the silence were over and the peacfull camp turned into a
hornets´ net with hundred of people running around and giving orders.
He gave order to the Carpet rider to inform Trixoticin, Sovereign of
the Lizzardmen in the swamp lands, to be prepared could be that
there were more portals spitting out this smelling hordes.

His commanders arrived immedeately followed by the wizzards carrying
their glass balls to look into the future.
One of the wizzards he took aside and he whispered to him ...."release
the Djinn´s and be prepared to lead them into war" ..... the powerfull
and magic creatures from fairy tales....yes most of people thought
they were fairy tales..but he knew...they are real and live for ever
but this were a well kept secret given only from Gand Vezir to Grand

Now were the time to show them to his increase their
bravery...when seeing that this legendary creatures are fighting on
their sides, led by powefull wizzards. were his duty to show this creatures to his people and to
become a legend as "Claus ibn ben Arab", Grand Vezir and master of the
Djinns ...the one defeating the evil Chaos hordes at the eastern


Oct 3, 2010, 5:42:27 AM10/3/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Percival D'Esprit bowed down to the campfire and held his hand above
"You are right! Still warm!", he said to his most trusted Squire Scout
Bors."We just about missed them!"

Cold blooded reptiles, vicious pointy ears and those hated arabian
dogs - they all have gathered at this field - and they all have gotten
out of their way just in time. What a pity.

But Percival was sure, the Lady would not have brought them to this
island if there was no glory to achieve. And he was prepared!


Oct 5, 2010, 2:53:21 AM10/5/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Jurisch of Bokadum is very pleased. Hard battles have been fought by
the clans with a good result. After a long time the dwarves have a
home on the island. A palace within the eastern mountains - not a
mine. And what sort of a mine - a huge number of gold has been found
in short time. The dwarves are smilling and preparing for the next
steps, so that the brave Bretons will get a home soon, too.


Oct 7, 2010, 1:58:57 PM10/7/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
With an ill-tempered moan Grimnog Chestlocker turned the key to the
last oakwood door that leads to the dwarven treasure chamber. Mighty
runes had been laid upon it so no intruder would open it without
risking his life.
He moaned again when he took the next key for the next lock. The lock
showed a faint red glow when he put the key into it.

"Grimnog", King Jurisch had said, "there are 5 armies coming towards
us. I know the new found gold is shining and untouched ..."
At that thought a short smile hurried over Chestlocker's lips.
"and it just has brought to light... but believe me we need this gold
now to supply our troops! So go and get it for our folk and for our
brothers in arms!"

Pah, supply our troops! It was not clear to him why those shortbeards
today prefer this expensive blackpowder over the good old wooden bolt
anyway! Not even thinking about giving it to those horselovers to
squander it on women and wine!
Grimnog turned the last key. He was excited about soon touching his
gold again when he opened the door but then his heart stood still!

The treasure chest with his beloved gold had been opened!
The faint hope he still had when hurrying to the chest was blown away
by a chilling cold wind when he looked inside. It was true - the gold
was gone!

An unpleasant odour was in the air. After looking around he found a
heap in a corner. Grimnog had seen that stuff before! Those deceitful
Ratthings often let their crap go when they march into combat. And
this heap looked exactly like that!
Soon after that he also found the hole they must have entered
Curse those twisted creatures! He prayed to Grugni that all that touch
the stolen gold should suffer an ill fate!

But now he had to go to his King and tell him the bad news!


Oct 8, 2010, 3:51:31 AM10/8/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
The door was opened and a soldier entered.
He went into the middle of the tent, lowered his head
and knelt in front of his lord. Sefanus was sitting and taking a meal.

"Speak," he told the soldier. "Your order has been fullfilled, my
I have stolen the treasure of the dwarves!" A short smile reflected on
Sefanus face.
"Well done. Get up, captain," replied the Sovereign of the Dark
"Go now, take these 40 gold pieces. Reinforce your men and tell the
they should prepare to fight the Bretons once again. "The soldier that
been promoted to a captain stood up proudly and left the tent.

He finished his meal. Satisfied, he leaned back in his throne and
of the last battle with the Breton army and the magnificent victory
which he had suffered.
A servant came in to clean up the table. Sefanus generals entered the
room to plan
the next battles against the alliance of hammer and lance.

cheers stefan


Oct 8, 2010, 11:15:23 AM10/8/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Dwarf King Jurisch was not amused about the news. All enemies were
coming to fight the holy alliance of dwarves and grail knights.

He sent couriers to through the country to inviate all generals and
officers to come to Bakadum for a general meeting.
Within the huge columend halls of Bakadum the noble leaders of
Bretonnia and the clan leaders met and discussed how to fight the
aggressors. Large open fires, best mead and smoed meat created a good
All wise men agreed to the battle plans and gave orders to their brave
troops to defend the country against the bad scum.

And one thing is sure: Never steal a dwarf its gold or blame the lady
- the answer of the Alliance of Hammer and Lance will be tough and

Hammers and Lances will do their bloody work! Soon!

Mick Marriott

Oct 8, 2010, 11:27:56 AM10/8/10
As long as the 'master of dragons' doesn't turn up to spoil your fun ;)

Judith Argall

Oct 14, 2010, 6:15:46 PM10/14/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
A force of dark elves prepared defensive positions near the lumber
mill, led by Caylis.
The cavalry marshalled by Narthur flanked wide past the strange
obelisk atop windy hill.
His centre held position south of the farmstead the Bretonians marched
After defeat to the Bretonians previously, the new war leader Ranoj
planned better than his predecessor.
Sir Ralf was cautious, he held his cavalry back from the centre,
prepared to counter any attack and sent massed infantry at point
against a superior foe.
Pondering if this manling might have Asur blood, with such disdain for
his menials lives, Ranoj saw weakness in this tactic.
The humans would die or be taken as slaves...

A ferocious attack by the cold ones broke the peasants and disordered
the line. The knights were paralysed behind the melee.
A few reckless knights were committed to attacking the strong defences
near the mill and paid with their lives.
The last moves of a defeated man saved little grace for Sir Ralf.
The colours of Bretonia left the field of Victory to the Dark Elves.
Khaine was appeased.

Claus (Austria)

Dec 8, 2010, 4:20:39 PM12/8/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
The news brought by the messanger were not worrying "Claus ibn ben
Arab" it exactly were what the wizzards told him allready that
will happen....."undead hordes" are approaching from the east. They
are 2 days away from our borders......

With a gesture of his right hand he signaled the messanger to leave.

He gave orders to his commanders. .... Instruct the troops that unead
hordes are approaching our borders from the east. They don´t need to
fear them as the defensive towers are ready and finished as well of
full with weapons. Let´s hurry and catch them before they can put one
foot on our lands.

He sent a messanger to his High Elf allies that he will hold the lines
in the east and that they should be prepared for other attacks coming
from the G.O.D.S

His troops were motivated and relaxed. They had time to prepare for
this fight and the good news about the ready defense Towers were
encouraging them alot.
The speed to reach the enemy and their determination to stop the enemy
before "their holy land" allowed them to chose the battlefield to
their andvantage.
The orders given were clear and all the battle lines moved in well
trained formations. Their own battle lines did not give any week point
to attack and steadily they moved ahead to bring themselve in the
final position for the deadly hit.
They were ready and "Claus Ibn Ben Arab" gave the order for the first
attack wave of knights and Magic Carpets crashing inton the Chariots
of the Undead. In additiont the wizzards started the incantation for
raising a sandstorm. The accuracy of the combined attack and the
timing of the wizzards were perfect. With an eye glimps the Chariot
brigade were wipped out without having had own casualities and
immedeately afterwards the sandstorm started.

The Undead troops were unable to move nor could the Priest or Liech
General give them orders as the sandstorm were avoiding the same.

Claus Ibn Ben Arab..... were taking advantage of the disordered enemy
and gavent the final deadly order for attack.

The Knights, Desert Riders and Crashed inton the undead troops....they
slaughtered the Sphinx, the Spearmen and the Bowmen without having own addition the "Elite Knights" managed to catch the
Chariot unit of the Liech General. It were a hard fight as they had to
fight in addition another chariot unit but the Brave Knights managed
to bring them both down in a final smash.

Immedeately the undead hordes decayed to dust.

The battle were over....with one mighty assault his troops could
achieve this glorious victory ..... in addition almost now casualities
within his own troops....this were an easier victory then he had
expected but he were glad about the courage and effectiveness his
troops had shown today. The bones were gone....sent back to where they
were coming from.....

He gave his last order for today.......

"Clean your armor from the Bone-dust and prepare for the celebration
of this victory"
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