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Aug 27, 2010, 4:42:45 AM8/27/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
"How are Battles worked out worldwide?
Does every player need to play every turn?
What about extra points that might be bought with gold?"

The short answer would be No! Not every player needs to play every

Here's the long answer:

At Mighty Empires there's a Challenge Phase. So let's say Empire Red
challenges Empire Black!

This means all players of Empire Red MAY play a game against the Black
players in their region (if they have one - not all regions are
complete!). But only ONE player of Empire Red is obliged to play.

If the Black Commander for example invests 150 gold for extra troops
then those 150 may be used by ALL Black players in all the above
If more than one battles are played the average of all results are
calculated (rounded up from .60 on) and lead to the Empire Points
(with which new tiles may be conquered or castles may be built...).

Another example would be: Empire Black is challenged by Empire Red,
Yellow AND Blue.

In that case at least one Black player needs to play against Red,
another one against Yellow and another one against Blue. So at least
three players worldwide NEED to play! But of course every player in
every region may play if he wants...

If the Black Commander invests gold now he needs to do that extra for
every class of battles! So in our example he might invest 100 gold for
the battles against Red, 50 gold for the battles against Yellow and
nothing for the battles against Blue. So all Black players playing
against Red may field 100 points more, but all Black players against
Yellow only 50 points, while all Black players against Blue have to
get along with no extra points.

Of course rules also say that the leading Empire always gets 100
points extra - this particularly means ALL battles. So if Black would
be the leading Empire in the above example ALL black players would get
the 100 points extra. So Black vs Red would play with another 250
points, Black vs Yellow with another 150 and Black vs Blue with
another 100 points.

The Commanders in Chief are responsible to keep track of the games and
to make sure that the minimum battles are played (and of course they
invest their gold for extra troops you might need - so be nice to


Aug 27, 2010, 4:51:59 AM8/27/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Event: Elite Army

Does this event allow to take another unit under/over min/max per
1000, or per army?
You may only take an extra (or one less) unit per army (4 cannons at
2000 points would be a bit too tough!)!

Is it allowed to take another character with Elite Army too?
This only means units not characters.


Aug 27, 2010, 5:31:38 AM8/27/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign

just a question. Is there a global campaign map evolution in the site?
or should we make the changes ourselves?


Aug 27, 2010, 8:10:21 AM8/27/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Don't worry - I will update the map every turn.

Next update is planned this weekend.


Aug 28, 2010, 2:34:33 AM8/28/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign

did we start with a capital or not? One the map there is no city? I
thought we have capital when starting.

Will we have one battle per turn or is it possible to have more fights
by different team members?




Aug 28, 2010, 6:40:41 AM8/28/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Hy Jurisch;

No, you don´t start with a capital; it´s not like the eurogt;
Here you don´t need a capital;

A minimum of one battle per turn is needed, but if ervery of your
wanna fight, than you can have 5 battles in one turn.

cheers stefan


Sep 7, 2010, 10:13:04 AM9/7/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign

A question:

Can i play more than one battle in one turn;
Lets say i played against Guthwine in turn1, can i also play against
you in the same turn
or is this not allowed?

I ask this regardless of the rules changes for the extra points for
the more games the more points.

cheers stefan
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Claus (Austria)

Sep 13, 2010, 11:47:57 AM9/13/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign

Does the empire order "Land Grab" have any impact when attacking
another empire and we want to take an allready occupied tile ?

For example:
An allready occupied tile to take will cost 3 points.
If there is allready a Castle on it will take 4 points.
If you want to take a mountain tile with Gold mine on it .... it will
take 5 points .... which is allmost not possible to get ;) (allmost ..
I know)

Would it mean now in combination with order "Land Grab" to get the
allready occupied tiles for 1 point less ?



Sep 13, 2010, 2:54:05 PM9/13/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
Occupying the tile of another empire just costs one more empire point
and land grab makes occupying any tile one point cheaper - so, yes,
Land Grab does also help to get another's tile.

Just for the files, taking another player's mountain tile with a gold
mine does only cost 4 points. Only castles or cities cost an extra
empire point - mines do not.



Oct 6, 2010, 2:31:01 PM10/6/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
"If an empire has a wizard's tower is it only allowed to use income
collected by the wizard's tower for magic items?"

A Wizard's Tower allows empires to use any of their gold to be used
for buying magic items. The Commander announces how many gold is
invested and the players decide how to use it when creating their army
Example: A player gets 60 extra gold from his Commander. So he takes a
unit of halberdiers, a sword of might and a sword of fate, while
another player of the same empire prefers to take skirmishers, a
dispell scroll and a war altar.

But it is necessary to invest gold for magic items. Even the extra 100
points the leading empire gets may not be used.



Oct 7, 2010, 2:24:24 AM10/7/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
that seems a little but unfair, cause if i have no mine i never could
use magic items;
and if someone take "fools gold" you also never could use magic items.

i do not agree with this rule.

cheers stefan

Claus (Austria)

Oct 7, 2010, 2:36:21 AM10/7/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign

This does not matter.....the one who gets FOOLS GOLD all the time will
never be abls to spend anything on items.
It does not matter if he is leading´s same behavior for
the if you are not leading empire.

That´s the price to be paid when you are the leading empire or when
you have lot of gold mines.



Oct 7, 2010, 3:02:18 AM10/7/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
thats ok, that i cannot invest the 100 points for being leader; but if
i have a mine and would upgrade it
to a wizards tower, its unworthy for me, cause i don´t have a mine

In my opinion we should by the magic items with the normal points
being played, and not with this extra gold points.

cheers stefan

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Oct 7, 2010, 4:46:30 AM10/7/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
1) The Wizard's Tower does produce some gold too (even if it is a
very, tiny, small amount - I know).
2) You are far from home, cut off, no support to be hoped for. So you
need to produce everything on your own. Magic item production needs
raw materials - and raw materials cost gold. Whoever wants gold and is
cut off from home needs to get the gold for themselves. So you have to
build mines - maybe more than one.
3) It's a campaign. A strategy game. To get advances you need to
invest efforts. And one of the advances are magic items and they do
not come by themselves. It should be the salt of our campaign. So
that's the reason I chose this path.
4) If an empire chooses to relinquish all other events to just prevent
one empire from collecting gold that's a tactical decision with pros
and cons...



Nov 4, 2010, 4:02:51 AM11/4/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign

Your Map for the 5th turn is not right;
The black empire has a mine on E6!
Please make the map actuall, so we don´t loose our gold.

cheers stefan


Nov 4, 2010, 5:00:33 AM11/4/10
to Worldwide Warmaster Campaign
ops, i´m sorry, i didn´t see that the mine was destroyed.

so everything is ok with the map.

cheers stefan
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