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Simon and Leah

Sep 25, 2008, 11:34:10 AM9/25/08
to WorldTripping
Merry Christmas from Maputo.

Well, we finally made it to the Indian Ocean. Not quite the bottom of
Africa, more the calf.

And our exploits since our last missive ?

Well, as usual, there have been some good days and some terrible ones,
too horrific to write about here.
Luckily, the former far outnumber the latter, or else we would be on
the next plane back to Blighty.

Well, just before leaving Lilongwe, we were robbed. No real harm done,
just a lot of missing cash. But the whole affair left us shaken and
eager to leave.

From there, it was the hot road out of the country.
Somewhere in the mid forties (centigrade). By the time we got to
Blantyre, we were thoroughly toasted.

And the weather just kept getting hotter. The 'Tete Corridor' through
Mozambique is the hottest part of the country, and we baked all the
way along it.

At Beira we saw the Indian Ocean for the first time. Knowing that we
are going to follow its azure waters most of the way to Cape Town,
makes us realise that the decision to 'adjust' our route was the
correct one.

Leah's birthday was spent on the idyllic beach of Tofo. I practiced
drowning and had an argument with a jellyfish.

Which brings us to Maputo. A vibrant city with cafes, restaurants,
stocked supermarkets and proper pavements.

And it's here that we will call home for the next week or so. There
are parties to go to, a Christmas to celebrate, and a New Year's Eve
to try to remember.

Which brings us neatly to our 'End of Year Message'.

Wishing you a lekker Christmas and a kiff New Year. Have a jolling
time in the shebeen, and have a spook en diesel for us !

(Afrikaans slang, taught to us by numerous drunken South African
tourists we've stumbled into along the way. )

*** Translation ***
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Have a fun time in the pub and have a large brandy and Coke for us.

All the best.

Hopefully, our next message to you will be from the tip of Africa !

Simon and Leah.

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