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Simon and Leah

Sep 25, 2008, 11:31:50 AM9/25/08
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Hello from sunny Khartoum,

Well, we finally made it into and halfway across Sudan.

After Christmas Day by the pyramids in Egypt, we bypassed all the
police and convoys by taking the train to Luxor.

New Year was spent inebriated in an English pub, complete with 'Old
Langs Ayne' and dodgy cocktails.

From Luxor we took the train to Aswan, where we boarded the filthiest
and most un-seaworthy vessel either of us have ever seen, and set sail
for Sudan.

Due to the fact that our cabin had been washed with diesel and water,
the first week was spent in Wadi Halfa, with Simon having diesel
poisoning and Leah playing nurse. After four days the fever had
broken, and we set off to cycle for four days through the Nubian
Desert to Abri.

After that, we wound our way down the Nile for a week, heading for
Dongola, staying with families and policemen and making many new
friends along the way.

After Dongola it was back to deep sand for five days until we reached
the glorious tarmac that we would spend the next four days skimming
over towards Khartoum.

And here we are.

In the centre of the city.

Surrounded by mosques; the Grand Palace; markets; tea stalls; incense;
cooking smells; and just before the horizon, the confluence of the
Blue and White Niles.

And the future?

Well, after the hair pulling horror of geing a visa extension, we are
going to sit a while, do some touristy sightseeing and hopefully get
some writing and web work done (inshallah).

We both hope that things are well in your part of the world, and we'll
keep you posted about any website updates.

All the best,

Simon and Leah.

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