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Sep 7, 2009, 8:29:29 AM9/7/09
MONDAY 9/7.  Happy Labor Day, everyone.  I'm going to a craft fair this morning and hope I don't melt.  It's quite WARM here in Florida.  Remember, as I promised, tomorrow morning's newsletter will be the LAST AND FINAL AND FOREVER DAY to discuss the topic of the day.  For those new people who have joined the mailing list, please know that we have these discussions very rarely.  Mostly the newsletter is about where to dance, people sharing event information and recommending dances they like and anything dance related from around the world. 

Dances that were taught over the weekend that packed the floor during open dances were, bad influence, jesse james, coochie bang bang, la secret, do the hoedown, hell if i, will you love me, go baby go..just to name a few.
Subject:  Loss of Jamie Marshall's sister
From:  Karen Hedges
I know I speak on behalf of myself and the entire dance community our deepest sympathy to Jamie Marshall and her family at the loss of her sister today (September 6th).   Jamie we are all here for you, in thoughts and prayers.
Karen Hedges
"Never Injure A Friend Even In Jest"
International Instructor/Choreographer/DJ
NTA Zone W Director/Dance Camp Director
Dancin Up a Storm Event Director
SUBJECT:  THIS KID IS AMAZING AND CUTE!!  I love the dog, too.
I  have just a few comments about this debate.  First of all,  whether Mark's satire was a joke or not,  the fact still remains that it was very hurtful and not funny at all.  That's the issue here. 
What concerns me the most are the mean words spoken about Sandy, especially by people who obviously do not know her.  She was very upset by the hurtful remarks about her friends.  Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Sandy knows that she does not have a mean bone in her body.   She is a very gentle, kind and loving person as well as an excellent instructor.  Always concerned about others.
In my opinion the only way to resolve this debate is to do what Dave says "vote with your feet".  That is what I intend to do.  As far as I'm concerned this will be The Last Windy City Event.
Laurie Gianatasio
As an outside observer and non-line dancer to this community I felt compelled to write a response to this madness.  While visiting my parents this weekend, I was shown “THE” September article as well as all the responses. Without knowing any of these people, I sat their shocked and bewildered after reading the article wondering why would someone waste their time slandering any line dancers, not to mention the people of Uganda.  What is the point?  I thought line dancing was a community of people who enjoy the same thing- the love of dancing.  Is this truly how you want to represent the line dancing world?  No matter what you choose to dance to, how you choose to do it or who us choose to follow, aren’t you all their for the same reason?  I hope that the hatred being thrown back and forth will end and everyone will get back to the root of it all and JUST DANCE!!
An Outsider,
Jill Autrey
SUBJECT:  Ugandan smiles
FROM:  Edie Driskill (
I wanted to help us all leave this controversy on a positive note.  Mark's choice of Uganda for the setting of his satirical post gives me an opportunity to share some special thoughts.  Not many Americans (and I imagine others) have ever traveled to Uganda, even though it is a beautiful and relatively safe country to visit.  A year and a half ago, my son traveled to Uganda just after his 18th birthday.  He had been eager to use his interest in film making to feed his passion for social justice work in the area of anti-racism.  He had met a minister from Pittsburgh who had helped to start a free private school in rural Uganda....where many families cannot afford the $5 per month tuition to send their children to the "public" schools.  So he raised the $3000 to travel there with her, bought equipment that would work without lights and power, took laptops for the kids and set up the first computer network the school has had.  His resulting documentary and the enhanced website he helped build for them has helped to raise almost $30,000 in the last year and the school continues to grow. 
I'm telling you this because the thing that shocked me the most from his film was the amazing dancing that these kids do.  Even in their total poverty, they still have is a birthright that no one can take from them.  In preparation for my son's trip, the entire school (of 400) practiced for weeks to be in "the movie."   As passionate as I am about dancing, I can't begin to imagine how important it is to a culture that has little else.  It is what they hoped to share with the rest of the world.  I hope you watch the short clip from his movie on the school's website (bottom of the home page) and remember the smiles on these kids faces as you leave behind any hurt from the statements of this week.     (if you look at the photos, my son is Will!...I hope you all will forgive me for my pride!)
Subject: In response to Sandy's comments regarding Mark
From: Elaine
I don't usually add comments to any kind of controversy in the
newsletter, as you never know when you might be fueling the fire. But in
this case, I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't respond in agreement
to Sandy's comments. I have to totally agree with Sandy on this one.
Trying to be humorous is no excuse for using it as a hurtful vehicle to
insult others. Mark’s comments were just tasteless. Shaz is one of my
favorite choreographers, due to her style of dance, music and
choreography. Truth is that the most popular instructors/ choreographers
get to be in demand, not because someone pushes their dances, but rather
from the personal experience of previously dancing their dances, taking
their classes or watching a video. Bottom line is: Those that are on top
have worked very hard and just have a creative ability to produce some
of the best dances out there, in addition to their wonderful ability to
dance with that special flair. C’est la Vie ! I travel an hour and a
half when I'm able to attend Sandy & Diane's classes or socials, and I'm
never dissatisfied with their selection from various choreographers,
whether they're from the US or around the world.
Subject: Linedancing - in case we've all forgotten
From:  Sharon "Sharooni"Lamb
I held linedancing lessons at the YMCA in Salem, IN from February through April 2009 and anticipate starting again in November after Sparkles & Spurs exhibit and festival season is over.  In case, we all have forgotten why we love this so much, check out these blogs written by a student who last session had her first foray into linedancing.  She has a cute sense of humor and insight that is good for all of us to remember.  Start from the bottom and go up.  The one on top is the last post.  If the links don't work, just cut and past. 

Remember if the dance makes you smile, it's a good dance.
Subject:  LIEDLE'S LINE & PARTNER DANCING (Connecticut)
From:     Sundown Escape
Calling all dancers to join us at Liedle's Banquet Hall
337 Kenyon St., Stratford, Ct., next Sunday, Sept. 13th.
for a fun evening of dancing and socializing.
We will have open dancing from 6:30 until 7:00, lessons
from 7:00 until 8:00 and then all request until 10:30.
A review of the partner dance "Purple Daze" a lesson
of the Partner dance "Expressions" and a lesson for
the fun, new line dance, "U Turn" will all begin at 7:00.
For more info.
Cash bar, lovely table setting, private parking lot, wooden
parquet floor.
FROM : Jane Smith

Mark wrote today saying he did not mean to upset Shaz Walton or any of the other UK choreographers. I am glad of that, (although is not enough for the affect is has had on everyone) but think he owes Dave a massive apology too. He may have a point he is trying to make, and yes we have free speech, but his spoof article in his newsletter was completely out of line, insulting, and  degrading to Dave.

I really cannot believe the comments that his friends have sent in...such as:

"I don't think the article was meant maliciously.... possibly posted in frustration." I don't think so, it was carefully and meticulously planned, must have taken ages.

"Everyone is entitled to free speech and Mark can write what ever he sees fit."

"This is the MARK that I remember....Having personally been raked over the coals by you face to face, one can appreciate the insightful and skillful (and Chicago?) way you can rip into someone! Like a laser. Nothing personal, folks, just Mark having fun! (And it's always a relief when it happens to the person NEXT to you.)" ...says it all. I am glad he is no friend of mine.

Mark needs to grow up and have adult discussions. He now says   I'm fine with your debates on whether or not Big Dave's Promotional tactics are good representations of the all the talent out there  (we can agree to disagree), now be big enough to admit that it was below the belt and apologise to Dave for the low way you delt with the whole thing.

This is the first time I have written in, and never thought I would feel embarrassed to be associated with line dancing.  These emails crossed the bounds of decency, enough !.
Maureen  FNATD,  MISTD.  Student Line dance teacher.
SUBJECT:  Lawrence, MA Workshop Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009
FROM:  Joanne Brady
I'm looking forward to seeing many of my dancing friends this coming Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Claddagh Pub in Lawrence, MA.  Bob Grundy is the event director so if you have any questions contact him at or 978-273-5726.
YES, for those who have emailed me, I will have the iron on crystals with me.
It's my first time at the Claddagh and it sounds like the group always has loads of fun, something I enjoy doing as often as possible.  I'm looking forward to a great time.  Hope to see you there.

Know that life is choreographed by a "higher being" and that all we are required to do is learn the steps of the dance
Fall is in the air and January will be here before you know it!  As I continue to prepare for the Love2Dance Fest, 2010; I would love for YOU to join Joanne Brady, Judy McDonald, Dean LeClaire, Junior Willis, John Robinson, Christopher Petre, Larry Bass and Norma Jean Fuller for a weekend of dance, dance, dance!  Please check out my registration form on (I also have a Refund Policy and Transfer Policy noted on the registration form. )  Be sure to make your hotel reservations ASAP as the block is beginning to fill up.
Instructors!!!  If you will allow me to send you flyers of the event and 8 or more of your students come to the event; you will get a comped weekend pass!  Several instructors have taken advantage of this offer. This is a great deal and I hope you’ll consider it!  Just contact me at either email address: or .
Carolyn Robinson
JANUARY 28 - JANUARY 31, 2010
Our 1st workshop to benefit Diabetes Research will be held on Saturday, October 24th at Ragtops and Roadsters, Hwy 17 South, Murrells Inlet, SC.  Our instructors will be Judy Falconer from Murrells Inlet, Helen Walker from Elgin and me. We plan to teach beginner/improver level dances and “Thriller”  will be taught at 3:30PM.  Registration is at 9:30 and the workshop will go from 10-5PM.  Cost is $25 before October 1st and $35 after October 1st.  We will also have half day fees available.  You can find the registration form on  For more information please email me at  Hope you will be able to join us!
Carolyn Robinson
JANUARY 28 - JANUARY 31, 2010
7 piece band
Kelly Ingram VFW   POST 668
1801-11th Ave N.Birmingham Al.35234
8:00pm to 11:30pm every Saturday Night
$5.00  BALLROOM/ Swing/ Latin/ Oldies/
50's 60's Rock n' Roll/ some Country
Also  we have started a Country Dance
and if you can post this one too:
7 piece band
Kelly Ingram VFW   POST 668
1801-11th Ave N.Birmingham Al.35234
7:00pm to 10:00pm every Wednesday Night
$5.00  CLASSIC COUNTRY music/ line dancing
Thank you so much for adding these to your listings
Jan Archer Shackelford
Just wanted to say I no longer vote on Sunday's because I do not know enough dances to vote .. I have been dancing for 15 vyears (may need a little mor time to learn them) but i find the teachers teach once - possibly review a week later- and then go on to new dances. I hope money is not involved in the # of dances taught - but can not think of a reason why more time is not spent on teaching thoroughly. I know there are many great dancers who see it once and they have it - but there are also plenty of dancers who need more time than once or twice. Also repeating them each week would be a good idea. Just a thought from me!

Well... I just recently told a new student to subscribe to this newsletter. I can just imagine her first impression to read all of the ramblings. PEOPLE PLEASE STOP!!! This is not what the newsletter was intended for.
   I too have been a "struggling" choreographer for years. I toured the circuit, competed at Worlds, I did it all. Whether you are a "known choreographer" or not shouldn't matter, but we should remember this.  ALL of the instructors out there are the "Soldiers". We are the ones who bring the dances to our students. We are the ones who promote the "Choreographers" whether known or not. We are the ones who promote the dance events and bring the patrons to the events. Without the unknowns, the knowns would not be. I pick and choose the dances I teach to my classes based YES on popularity, but also on what I feel my students need and want. I introduce my own choreography too because it is my perogative as the instructor of my class...but I also take into concideration the feedback I get from my students and use it to better their dance experience.
 If you are a frustrated "unknown" or "littleknown" choreographer. My advice is let your dance speak for itself. If it's good someone will pick up on it. Promote it as best you can. Even if it doesn't become a world known choreography, it shouldn't matter because even if one dancer out there enjoys it then you have touched a life with your choreography. If I can touch just one person with my choreography, then it was worth the time it took to create it.
 Dancing is about expression. Why do we choreograph? If it's only to become the next line dance star...then we are doing it for the wrong reasons. I dance because I love it. I choreograph for ME because I love it. I share my choreography in hopes that others will enjoy my creations and be touched by it. I'm not bitter that I never made it as a "Top Line Dance Star". I still attend events when I can and teach at events when I can. I still promote my own choreography. Do I get frustrated? Yes. However, I never take it out on those who are more successful than myself. So if Mark is using his newsletter as an outlet of frustration (I don't know I'm only speculating here).  I guess that is is perogitive. Not that I condone the remarks made however they may be interpreted, but he did it on his own site and NOT in THIS newsletter. I'm not choosing sides. I'm only asking you to please make your arguments privately as this is not the impression we want our newbies to get. After all without our new dancers..dancing would not be.
 In conclusion, can we please keep the scuttlebut out of this forum? Carol, Stacey, and their group work so hard to keep this a great information source for the dance community. Let's not trash it by all the bickering. Let's Dance!
Thanks for reading my 2 cents.
Todd Lescarbeau.
Some fellow line dance instructors and I have been teaching the line dance, Second Chance, (choreographed by Yvonne Anderson). If you have not had a chance to share this dance with your dancers and fellow instructors, I hope the opportunity will arise. This dance is terrific. Comments I have received back from line dancers in our neck of woods are that they enjoy the music and like the "feel" of the dance steps with the music. There are two simple tags, one re-start, and the dance ends with dancers facing the front wall. Whoo hoo! I hope you'll give this dance a look-see. Enjoy!
Nancy Morrow
Sun City, Arizona (USA)
Subject:  My input on the latest issue
From:  Tina Foster, Total Line Dancers,
First off, Carol's survey is only as accurate as those who vote.  I do have to say that I don't vote as much as I should, but I teach several classes a week and at all levels (seniors, kids, beginners......up to advance) I have at least 2 classes every day, so my favorite dances depends on which class I am teaching.  I use Carol's Survey, Line Dancer Magazine's Top 20, Kick It's get my drift.  I don't favor any of them as a resource, as I feel that is what they are suppose to be used for. 
I don't pick by choreographers, but I do get emails from different choreographers all the of course, I always look at them, but that doesn't mean I will teach it.  I know what my students like, music matters, flow of dance matters.......I do tell them whose dance it is, but I do not harp on it.  (my students do get step sheets, so they know who wrote the dance)  I love telling stories about them when I do teach their dances (or dances they taught, that someone else choreographed, and they do teach others work)
As far as Mark's comments go.  That is his personal option of "Free Speech", but I don't think his approach was tactful....his alter ego "Little Mo" well, I am not going there.  But take note of his line up at Windy City....over the last few years, half of the UK has been I think there is mixed feelings going on here with "Little Mo"/Mark
I personally just love to dance and my life revolves around teaching line dancing.  But you don't see my name out among the Shaz, Guytons or Scott's, because I choose not to choreograph, but without us "no namers" teaching their dances.....where would they be.
So in the long run, it is the DANCE and choice of MUSIC, that make me teach what has been choreographed.......though I love them all (the headliner choreographers/instructors), the choreographer is usually the last reason I pick a dance to teach.  I do my homework, and listen to recommendations from every where (thanks Big Dave, Lynne Martino, and WDI Survey, along with the above mentioned).
My last words are:
Line dancing is a big pie and we all need to share "a piece of the pie", everyone likes different flavors and that is all right.  Now, everyone shake hands, and have fun dancing, leave the politics to the politicians.
Thanks for letting me vent.......please do not hold anything I said against me.  If you have issues about this posting email me first, don't slam me, especially if you don't know me.
Thanks Carol for all you do.......please don't ever stop the survey....promise I will try to vote on a regular basis.
Tina Foster
NOTE FROM ME:  Thanks for voting, Tina, and I hope all of you will follow her lead. All I do is count so it's up to everyone else to send me the dances TO COUNT.
Just because a Line dance was not choregraph to a country music,
does not mean you can not dance it to country music.
You would be surprised at the dances that the group I dance with, what we dance
on Satursday night, at the only( Country) dance club we have here in Baton Rouge, La.
(Trust Me,Cheek to Cheek, Mojo Rhythm, poker face,Crazy Foot Mambo, Zjozzy funk,Duck Soup,Caugh in the Act,Bread N butter, Tango Cha,Crab Buckit, just to name afew)
There's 3 of us who drive an hour every Thursday nights to New Orleans( We have been doing this for over
15 years) Our wonderful Teacher in New Olreans teaches us 1 new dance and review a few and then we dance the night away.
Most of the dances we learn are to non-country music. On Sat. Nights we dance these dances to Country music.
Just because a dance in chorgraphed to one song, does not mean it's the only song you can dance it too.
Putting a dance to different music makes it feel like a new dance. The first 2 hours on Sat. night is country then they play what we call break
music which we then dance to non country( Roomba, Multiply, After Party, Simplemete,Higher and Higher,etc. yes we do get the music for Roomba and Poker Face too.)  for 15-20 mintues and then we go back to country music, so we get both country and non country.(Dizzy is one that can be danced to Country and Non Country)
We have bought dances into this dance club to the younger people so that they will get on the floor to pick up and they enjoy dancing.
(The Good Time dance that is danced on Alan Jackson Video is a big hit with the Younger people. Why because it's easy and can be picked up on the floor)
The younger people want dances that can be pick up off the floor where we dance, so we bring alot of the short easy ones so they can dance some dances with us on Sat. Nights.
My point is ALL Line dances can be put to alot of different MUSIC, Country and Non Country.
All these choregraphers can take an older Line Dance that they choregraph and just put the dance to new music and it will look and
feel like a new dance and the dances will stay around and be danced longer in the dancing world.
Dancing Dottie
Subject: Dance workshop in New Jersey SATURDAY OCT 3, 2009
From: Mike Serben
Last year, our First Annual Might Never Happen Again Dance Party/Workshop was so successful, that we decided to host OUR 2ND ANNUAL MIGHT NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, TRI- STATE REUNION DANCE WORKSHOP PARTY!
ROBERT & MARLENE PEYRE-FERRY, GINNY & CHARLES FRASCO,JOANN LAWRENCE, RAINY DAE, ROSIE MULTARI, and MIKE & DODIE SERBEN.  There will be a lot of time set aside for some great open dancing in between lessons, during lunch and at our evening session after dinner.
                      Second Annual, Might Never HAPPEN Again,Tri-State Reunion
Dance Workshop Party
Saturday October 3, 2009                 Enterprise Fire Hall - Hamilton New Jersey
 Doors open at 8:30AM
      Warm up at 9:15 AM             Lessons begin at 9:30 AM
                  Dinner & Evening Dance 6:30 – 11 PM    
All levels of Dancers Welcomed!!! Dance on a Beautiful Wood Floor!
         Registration limited to 150 Dance rs to ensure a comfortable dancing environment
Our Illustrious Staff  (in size order)
VIP PASS Includes Continental Breakfast, All Lessons & Reviews, Step Book, Open Dancing,
         Three Course Dinner, Evening Dance & Bonus Patterned Partner Dance Lesson!
Early Bird Price: VIP PASS ONLY $45    After 9/15: $55
Lessons Only: $35    After 9/15: $45              
Dinner/Dance: ONLY $20
Make check or Money Order payable to Michael Serben and mail to
602 Johnston Avenue, Hamilton NJ 08629
*Enterprise Fire Hall is located at 569 Klockner Road, Hamilton NJ 08619
Conveniently located near NJ Turnpike, Routes 1, 33, 95, 195 & 295 and NJ Transit train.
For questions, Hotel information and/or directions please contact
Rosie at or Mike at or call 609-586-3639
Please BYO Lunch & there’s plenty of eateries nearby.  Free water & coffee on site
The Dancers Night Out is almost here.  On Saturday, September 12, 2009, be ready to hit the dance floor if you know Country As Can Be, Crazy Foot Mambo, Duck Soup, Eye Candy, Ghost Train, Good Times (Video Version), I Love A Rainy Night, Jo 'N Jo Tango, Little Red Book, Peaches & Cream, Primo Waltz, Rockin' and Start to Sway.  I will be teaching beginner dances for this special class from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., with a few intermediate dances thrown in so that the beginner dancers can take a break.  Cost for this fun night especially for the newcomers is $5.00.  When the class is over, you can try out the mechanical bull upstairs, the karaoke/sports bar or dance to a live band, Showdown.  The Barn has added a "Non-Smoking Section", so plan now to join us! 
Hi ,to all my dancing friends around the world here is list of dances I taught last workshop Sunday August 30th.
Was a fantastic day I had a blast ,best turn out I have had this summer, I was exhausted but loved every minute of it .Started morning as always with a couple of fun easier dances, one of which proved to be a huge hit all day we did it every hour just to release the adrenalin and get ready for next dance so you really should do this everyone, all levels.
 TIME TO SWING  by Garth Bock  FAST FUN FUN FAST music"Time To Swing"  Helmut Lotti. Great dance
  JUST FINE  by     Kate Sala   music "He Wasn't There" by Lily Allen (smooth and relaxing rest love this song)
  BAD INFLUENCE  by Mark Furnell & Jo and John Kinser music "Bad Influence "by Pink never thought I would enjoy doing the Macarena love how they incorporated a few of those moves in dance so did all my students.
SEARCHING by Kate Sala  song "Searching" music  by The Young Divas great music well received
RAIN AGAINST MY WINDOW by Michael Barr  Love Love Love the dance and the music was the favorite of the day no question.
RUMBA BREEZE by Michele Peron  music "Everybody's Talkin " always a pleasure to do her dances.
I had planned on teaching Love and CRANKY by Robbie Mc Gowan Hickie and also BEAUTIFUL by Shaz Walton,and several others,  but had so many requests to review or teach TEXAS as many of newer students had never done the dance TEXAS by Max Perry that I did teach this and  ran out of time for any more.
 As it was we danced 6 hours non stop and I knew we could do the other dances in my classes and at future workshops. Also was in love with a song that Gyton did a dance to "ANGELS" and hope to do it in the future.
So many dances so little time I am so grateful for all the talented choreographers out there and for having so many dances to choose from for all my classes .I have been teaching professionally now for 16 years,and was told I could never make a living teaching line dance, which is what I love to do.Well I proved them wrong and I must be doing something right as the last 2 years have been the best ever. I can pay my bills and help to take care of my husband of 28 years who needs me now physically emotionally and financially .Teaching line dance enables me to give all three of those needs and more.
HOW DO I CHOOSE WHICH DANCES TO TEACH ??????????????????????????
I need many dances at many levels and a huge variety of music. Every class is different and I need music with mass appeal dances at a level that will fill my floor and not frustrate the social dancers who only dance once or twice a week and do not travel to events. I need dances that I can teach without doing myself an injury as I am fat and am not as young as I used to be. I so often want to teach more of the hip hop and really funky advanced dances that I used to not only teach but broke down every wall and barrier in the clubs to teach. Dances that shocked and amazed people coming in to the C/W clubs to see a mass of us doing on my line dance nights. They had never seen this in S.Fla clubs and I took a lot of insults threats and abuse . for doing it,  when I wrote for the Country Star and posted the monthly dance card for years I would feature sometimes a Michael Jackson dance or I remember once doing my first Irish line dance it was fun seeing us all in cowboy boots and hats doing the 'ELECTRIC REEL' We were able to bring this music and dance to th clubs because we were a strong group of dancers and were getting bigger. I was insulted in 3 clubs and my cd thrown in my face for trying to get them to play 'SWAMP THING' which I had ordered from Germany as I could not get it here.We did the dance to a country cha,called "OLD WEAKNESS'  till finally they played it one night,and the rest is history. I was on kiss radio a lot back then doing events promoting clubs hosting C/W/ events, not long ago I heard a commercial on there station and they were playing that music in the background. How far we have come and I must tell you teaching dances from JOHN ROBINSON, SCOTT BLEVINS, GYTON, back then was fantastic, I loved bringing these hot dances and the music to the dance floor. I don't want to ever go back to the old days when we just had such limited resources. I wish I could still do more of the advanced dances but things have changed ya''ll, I choose dances with more footwork than body movements as we can handle more footwork and the body rolls are for teachers who don't have body rolls already built in. Also am having trouble with dances that turn a lot in a short amount of counts. Hey what can I tell you we can still dance our buts of and my classes are huge , so I run around the Internet I look at dances and listen to the music and then I shop all over for dances at all levels to feed my hungry dancers with. Also trying to keep up with the most popular dances being played at the events for my students that attend the so they can join in and know some of them.That is why  am having a golden oldies day SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21st so we can re teach some of the classic favorites and most requested dances from the past a list of which I will write for you soon go to my web at
Hope to see you there hugs Stella Cabeca
BON VOYAGE PARTY night before our cruise departs FRIDAY OCTOBER 23 RD.
FEATURING HOST INSTRUCTOR  LISA SPANGLER, ROUND UP INSTRUTOR DIANE HOGAN, GUEST INSTRUCTOR RONA KAYE, and little old me STELLA CABECA.Come early get seats near dance floor.Lets welcome all our local dancers and dancers coming in for the cruise from all over USA. and EUROPE.for more info on any of these events e.mail me at web
SUBJECT:  My observations on line dance choreography.
Line dancers’ requests come from various sources, such as hearing their favorite song on the radio; so they ask, “Is there a dance for this song?” Some line dancers will send You Tube links requesting dances they want to learn. Line dancers don't always know the names of the choreographers, because many of their line dance requests are music-driven.
In the greater Phoenix area, I see a nice mix of line dances being taught and danced. These terrific dances are choreographed by talented people from all over the world. This is an exciting time for line dancing!
The Internet helps us reach all over the world from the comfort of our homes.
Line dancing helps us reach all over the world from the comfort of our hearts.
Nancy Morrow
Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
You can judge your age by the amount of pain you feel when you come in contact with a new idea.  --Pearl S. Buck
When I walked into the NJ Liberty airport today, I felt so sad that I had to leave all of my wonderful friends behind and go home.  WOW’s weekend is really a blessing.  I never knew I could experience such a modest and elegant atmosphere from the east coast.  You polite people of the east just made me realize that “wild wild west” was represented for.
The popular dances taught in the WOW event are:
Rachael’s Jesse James, She will be loved, Strobe Light, Toes, and Go baby Go
Roy’s Redcoat Tiger, Do the Hoedown, Samba HUH, The Lala Dance and Angie
Kate’s Under a Spell, Shakatak, and Searching
Cato’s Bella Bella, Run Sue Run and Swingin’ R’s
Peter & Alison’s Holding On to Yesterday and Run
Max’s Waltz is the Key, Possibility Foxtrot, Texas, and Partrizio’s Rumba
John’s Crazy about U and Human Dancer
Amato’s Smash It
Scott’s Food Chain, Broken Glass and Coochie Bang Bang
Dances not taught by the choreographer:
Marilyn: Let me Love You, For The First Time and Rumba Breeze
Debi: Spanish Fly
Kathy: Evergreen
Rosie: Bad Influence
Judy: La Secret
Roy: J HO
Scott: Mad World and Hell If I
    Judy, you planted a rose in the New York metropolitan and you called it WOW.  I can see it bloom today.  You made it after 3 years, my dear friend!
I am so proud of you.  Life is not that bad after all, ISN’T  IT?
FROM: Marilyn McNeal,
WOW! Yes, it was a memorable event in all ways! Judy Chen is the ultimate hostess and always exceeds our expectations. This was our first time at WOW and we enjoyed every moment of the weekend. A fabulous array of instructors taught over 100 dances in 4 continuous rooms. The Marriott hotel is right across from the airport with easy transportation to New York.  I have to tell you about our trips to the city first!
Ray and I traveled with Carol, Jan, Brenda, Diane, Barbara, and Doreen and arrived Wednesday afternoo n. We hired our driver, Larry, to take us to Manhattan for the evening. He was perfect for our group! We had a GREAT dinner at Carmine’s and saw HAIR. After a few of Larry’s “detours” we got back to the hotel around 1AM.
But did we rest? NO! At 5AM we got up again to go BACK to the city. WHY? These girls had a plan to get Ocala on the TODAY show! We took the shuttle to the airport, then the train to Penn Station, and didn’t notice the subway right there (DUH – it was too early) so we WALKED 20 blocks to Rockefeller Center. Everyone but “my honey” who was our chaperone, had on pink flamingo T-Shirts that said WOW, Wild Ocala Women,  a huge banner with our pictures and “Dancin’ with Marilyn in Ocala, Florida” on it, and springy “I love NY” heart headbands. Needless to say, they noticed us! Cute cameraman Dave saw us first and promised to interview us at the break. Weather Girl Leslie came right over to us and on the spot asked us to show her a line dance –ON LIVE TV! No time to think about it, we volunteered Darlene and tossed her in front of the camera! Smart girl, did the Cupid Shuffle! Leslie said she8 0d rather hang out with us than go back to work!
It was all over in 30 seconds, but the memory will last a lifetime! Best of all, Meredith came out after the show, hugged each of us, autographed our banner and posed with us for pictures.  After it aired, all our cell phones were ringing from family and friends all over the states. They SAW us on the TODAY show! WOW!
We then ate breakfast at a local NY deli to end a perfect morning. The girls toured the city all day, while Ray and I headed back to the hotel on the trains (the subway this time) for the evening plans. Gary and Maria drove to the event and joined us on Thursday, along with Kathy G. from Miami. The weekend was just starting.
THANKS girls, for planning these=2 0extra days that added so much fun to our trip. We love y’all and will remember it always. Pictures will be on my website, and hopefully the live video of that day!
Judy welcomed all dancers with an incredible dinner on Thursday night, including SHUSHI! (Rachael was happy.) There was a wonderful array of food presented. We danced then tried to get some rest for a couple of hours.
I was truly honored to be on staff at this event with top instructors that I admire and respect for their talents. My own classes were:
FOR THE FIRST TIME – Niels Poulsen – a most beautiful NC2. (my favorite)
LET ME LOVE YOU – Classic MIL from 2002 making a great comeback.
RUMBA BREEZE – Michele Perron and Michele Burton – VERY pretty!
INCLINATION FOR SYNCOPATION – Paul McAdams – Michael Jackson’s Remember the Time. Cool dance.
DAYLIGHT – Dee Musk – nice west coast.
MAN IN THE MIRROR – Clair Pulpher – Masters in Line Choreography Overall Winner in UK last month to great Michael Jackson music. Check it out, VERY cool.
SCOOBY DOO – Robbie McGowan Hickey – Easy Intermediate to Alex Swings and Oscar Sings.
SWINGIN’ IN THE RAIN – Larry Hayden – B/I This is a fun, local favorite.
AY AMOR – Ria Vos – B/I Slow cha cha, popular dance.
The complete dance schedule is on the WOW website for your review.  No time to take many classes but a few that I did take were Rachael’s SHE WILL BE LOVED, not so easy but wonderful. Loved it. She taught many other cool ones too. HELL IF I (Kinsers) taught by Scott. Loved it along with his current hits. Didn’t take STRENGTH IN NUMBES by Peter and Alison, but it looked beautiful and they had many more. Debbie taught a new one called SPANISH FLY, very cool. Cato’s included FAIRY TALES and SWINGIN’ R’s.  John ‘s included CHAMPAGHE ON ICE (Dornsteds), which I regret missing in the past! Roy Verdonk was one hilarious bunch of energy! DO THE HOEDOWN and ISN’T SHE LOVELY were two mentioned by many dancers. Kate Sala taught UNDER A SPELL, Judy taught LA SECRET and Barry SMASH IT was a hit. Kathy brought back EVERGREEN, an old favorite. Over 100 dances were on the schedule and provided an excellent variety of music on style for all dancers. Barry was our MC too, a real professional, and it was great seeing him again.
Stompin’ Sue provided a huge array of beginner dances and most of the instructors also included easy ones. Mentioned as favorites by others were I LIED, taught by Dean, GO NOW, taught by Max, LAY IT ON THE LINE & BAD INFLUENCE, taught by Rosie. Sue was DJ in the beginner room and Louie was at his best in our main ballroom. He played a great mix of old and new, teaches and requests. There are so many good dances, but he always keeps the floor full and varied. CJ’s videos will be out in no time – he’s the best!
The event was first class. Judy’s hospitality shines and we all feel special, whether on staff or as a registered participant. The menu she chose for the Saturday night dinner and welcome party was outstanding. The dance schedule was packed. The whole weekend atmosphere was relaxed, pleasant and professional.  Judy raised over $1200 for the victims of the typhoon in Taiwan in a 50/50 drawing and the winner Anne, also donated her share to this cause. 
Thank you Judy, for the opportunity to teach for you. Ray and I and our Ocala dancers had a wonderful time, as I’m sure everyone else did!
WOW will return in 2011 to this hotel. Next year, Judy is taking it to Shanghai, with the opportunity to tour China afterwards if you stay a few days. Save up and expand your dancing adventures!
I’ll post again tomorrow with Midnight Rodeo information and a surprise for you too!
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