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Welcome to World Line Dance Newsletter.  If you would like to introduce yourself to the group, please feel free to send an introduction.  Just format it this way, please:
(and then an introduction about yourself.)
I hope you will vote in the weekly survey.  It's easy.  Just list up to 8 of your current favorite dances (old or new ones) and e-mail them to me by late Sunday afternoons each week.
There's a lot of information on the website so I hope you will take a moment to browse the site.

You can read the current and previous newsletters at this link:
Some of the things you can add (there are forms on each page to use):
New Dances
Where you teach on the WHERE TO DANCE PAGE
Upcoming weekend events, dance cruises, or day seminars on the WORLD CALENDAR PAGE
Links (if you have a website)
Merchandise (if you sell things)
Dances for all occasions (including holidays, all levels, wheelchair dances, etc.)
Free videos of all the New Dances, Survey Dances, and Dances done at events.
I hope you enjoy the newsletter and will encourage your friends to join so you can help get line dance (and couples) dance information out to the world.
If you would like to contribute there is a paypal link on the site or you can mail it to me at
1414 Bentley St., Clearwater, FL.  No contribution is necessary, however, so just enjoy the newsletter and I hope you will feel free to post things. 
I reserve the right not to publish personal attacks and if you have a problem with something or someone, please just be tactful and suggest a solution if you have one.  The purpose of the newsletter is to distribute information to keep everyone up-to-date and I try to keep the information to everyone around the world.