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Mar 26, 2008, 10:48:01 PM3/26/08
to WordPress Summer of Code 2008,
I'm really interested in working on Wordpress for GSOC this summer and
I have a couple of projects I'd like to work on that I'd like some
feedback on before I submit an application.

Trac Social Bug Tracking Development
I've done some research and the only thing trac seems to have in the
way of a karma or member submission rewards style system is the spam
filter plugin. ( Ironically
it uses karma to identify posts that would be considered spam with a
low karma rating. It would be interesting either use that as a base or
build from scratch something of a system to reward people for
submitting bugs by providing them with points. That could lead to
helping developers identify who is most interested in working with
them on their projects, who is most actively contributing, and what
their strengths are. You could even implement a ratings system of bug
reports / feature requests, etc. to encourage high quality submissions
by allowing people a way to identify what the community feels are good
and not so good entries.

also from the old ideas from last year

I'm a javascript and a standards compliance junkie (funny how those
can get kind of oxymoronic at times though) so I am positive I could
help with those things (xhtml validation, making the wysiwyg editor
give good valid output, sorting categories with jscript,etc...

The only problem with all of those is non of them are full summer jobs
and I am confused as to whether or not I can work on more than one
project (for only one stipend of course)

and my biggest question is what deliverables outline would be good.
Would it need to be extensive? because I can do an extensive one its
just the time for the application process is very short and I don't
think I will have .

William Harris

Lloyd Budd

Mar 27, 2008, 11:45:57 PM3/27/08
to WordPress Summer of Code 2008
Hi William,

Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Although, measuring the quality of a submission is an interesting idea
in itself, my idea is only to tabulate scores based on submissions,
patches, triage, etc. The Social Bug Tracking idea will like be
trumped for me again this year by a project that more directly impacts
the WordPress code .

You could propose a project that involves a number of smaller projects
that you feel are important. Essential though is that the overall
project works on developing deep skills, and could be done in
partnership with a mentor. By developing a schedule of milestones you
can get an idea if the overall project is of appropriate complexity
and scope.

Hope that helps,
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