Summary of Planning meeting for jun30-09

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Jeremy Clarke

Jun 30, 2009, 7:32:31 PM6/30/09
Hey guys, the meeting was mostly between me and Sylvain but Louis also
joined us. We went through as much of the planning stuff as we had
time for and made lots of decisions. Below are our notes. We'll send a
seperate email after with a list of things that need doing to ask for
volunteers :)

# Schedule
* the event will start at 9:30 with talks beginning at 10:00
* morning: two 1hour slots at 10 and 11, then lunch at 12
* afternoon: three 1hour slots at 1, 2 and 3. at 4 closing remarks
and socialising.
* The main room will have a speaker and the second room will
sometimes have a speaker and sometimes have discussions
* We currently have 12-13 speakers lined up, which gives us a solid
list to work with.

# Signs for the event
* We will have two big poster-size signs with our logo and sponsors,
one for outside the door and one for the selling table.
* Inside the event we'll make sure all the screens are showing our
logo and sponsors.

# T Shirts
* Jeremy is currently responsible for shirts.
* We are currently shopping/pricing printers. PLEASE TELL US IF YOU
* Currently we have sold 69 tickets but expect a lot more people.
* We will order ~40 extra shirts for late-registrants and walk-ins,
hoping that's enough.
* Ideally we will add to our order in the next week if a lot more
people register.

# Afterparty
* We want to have an evening event on Saturday night.
* St-Sulpice is a huge outdoor bar on st-denis near the venue.
* Unless the weather is horrible we will make a reservation and tell
everyone to meet there
* WCMTL ends at ~430, we'll tell people to hang around SAT and go to
Sulpice for 6pm
* We'll need some printed out maps for non-locals who might get lost.

# Nametags
* We will be buying simple cord-badges for each participant. It will
be their ticket for re-entrance.
* Because its simpler and often nicer we'll let people write their
own names/info
* Bureau en Gros has some good cheap solutions for this:
* We'll get 100 of the first (with strings) for people who we know
registered and 100 of the second (cheap ones with pins) for people who
want that instead.
* to make them official we'll need to print little WCMTL stickers to
put on the cards before handing them out.

# Filming/AV
* We have a TV McGill student who will be filming as many talks as
possible for
* We will also have someone streaming the event live
* We will set up a Flickr pool for people to add their photos to.

# Catering
* We will have catered lunch on saturday
* Sunday people can go find somewhere nice, lots of stuff in the
area. Probably an extra-long lunch.
* Snacks will be provided by sponsors hopefully on both days
* Coffee in the morning not yet discussed. Anyone have ideas?

# Sponsorship
* Sylvain has found many sponsors that cover our core costs.
* A few more will hopefully be added.

Jeremy Clarke
Code and Design |

Christine Prefontaine

Jun 30, 2009, 7:46:38 PM6/30/09
Johnathan Brun just got nice t-shirts made for Nimonik. His email is


Sylvain Carle

Jun 30, 2009, 8:00:00 PM6/30/09
to WordCamp Montreal
Thanks for the writeup!


Jul 1, 2009, 9:25:17 PM7/1/09
to WordCamp Montreal
Interesting and creative solution to # Nametags are these witty fill
in the blank name tags used at the Creative Morning meetups. I suggest
adding a field for such as a twitter username to be able to track
people who are interested in keeping in touch with one another.
Simple, effective and fun. I've attached links to a few examples.
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