# Where Can I Buy Sanuk 'Fraidy Cat' Wedge Flip Flop

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Sanuk 'Fraidy Cat' Wedge Flip Flop

Jun 8, 2014, 3:11:59 AM6/8/14
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Sanuk 'Fraidy Cat' Wedge Flip Flop

I want to thank the online sales person who helped me receive two pairs of these fabulous summer wedges. I love both pairs; the price seemed reasonable, and the service was fabulous. Even though I'm on Cape Cod, I tell you Nordstrom's is my favorite store. I so enjoy online shopping.Sincerely,Janice

A frayed-cloth thong strap lends beach-bum attitude to a platform flip-flop.

  • 2 1/2" heel; 1 1/4" platform (size 9).
  • Synthetic upper, lining and sole.
  • By Sanuk; imported.
  • BP. Shoes.

Sanuk 'Fraidy Cat' Wedge Flip Flop Reviews

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