* Lowest Price SJP 'Cherry' Flip Flop (Nordstrom Exclusive) Sale

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SJP 'Cherry' Flip Flop (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Jun 8, 2014, 2:38:12 AM6/8/14
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SJP 'Cherry' Flip Flop (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Love it! fit is perfect and goes with lots.If you want something a little different this is nice

“My fantasy flip flop.” -Sarah Jessica Parker An essential thong flip flop is remade in lush, vivid suede.

  • Suede upper and lining/leather sole.
  • By SJP; made in Italy.
  • Salon Shoes.

SJP 'Cherry' Flip Flop (Nordstrom Exclusive) Reviews

"So comfortable. Love them. Great color. True to size. I will be buying them in all the colors."
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