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Jonathan Hudson

Jun 9, 2011, 3:47:32 PM6/9/11
to WSTools
I am trying to dis-associate a user with one policy and add it to
another. We currently own a copy of Quick v1.41 and while it seems to
allow me to add to the zenpolPolicy and zenpolAssociation attributes
removing specific object associations always seems to fail without
giving an error. (It says it changs it but does nothing.) I just
downloaded 1.52e and I think i got it to work but it does not like our
license file.

The basic syntax I am using to remove a single object is this:
quick attribute "%UserDN%" zenpolPolicy - "%PolicyDN%:zenUserPackage" /
tree=%tree% /cont=[root]
quick attribute "%PolicyDN%" zenpolAssociation - "%UserDN%:User" /tree=
%tree% /cont=[root]

Anyway I just want to confirm this will really work and find out if
there is anyway to get this to work with 1.41 or get upgraded to 1.52e

Wolfgang Schreiber

Jun 13, 2011, 1:39:29 PM6/13/11
to WSTools

you can run QUICK versions in parallel if you put them in different
paths, like a licensed version v1.41 and an unlicensed v1.5 evaluation

If you come to the conclusion that the new release work better for
you, you'll find your upgrade here:

The adding and removal of the attributes should work smoothly in both
version, but there have been some fixes and extensions for attributes
with the PATH syntax (which are used by ZENworks)


Jonathan Hudson

Jun 13, 2011, 3:35:11 PM6/13/11
to WSTools

Thanks for the reply, I am going to do more testing to verify this
process works as intended. This is for a one time migration at one of
our sites and prior to this 1.41 has worked flawlessly. (Also I am
having trouble accessing parts of your site, like your order page
because of my company's proxy server so for now I'll stick to 1.41.)
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