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Boycott Nebraska

Aug 28, 2010, 7:19:08 PM8/28/10
Dateline Friday, 06 November, 2009

Thursday's terrorist attacks by a Viriginia US Army officer at Fort Hood,
Texas, left thirteen people dead and thirty plus wounded.

It's hardly the first time the Republican stronghold of Virginia has
declared war on the United States.

The United States has been fighting two wars since 2001.

Where's your whole blood or blood plasma donations, America?

Ft. Hood civilians lined up to donate blood following the shooting with so
many donors that many had to be turned away.

Where have YOU been for the last eight years, wearing yellow ribbons on your
SUV and bitching about your taxes?


Not a fan of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

CIVILIANS world wide depend on whole blood and blood plasma donations.

Blood plasma is used to create medications to combat numerous diseases
afflicting men, women, and children.

So where you been?

Mr. Trent (TJ) Stewart began donating blood plasma the last week of 1999. He
continues to donate blood plasma to this day when he can.

The man's one good vein for donating plasma is so scarred up from the
donations he may NEVER be able to donate again.

He personally has donated 48 GALLONS of life giving blood plasma.

So where you at, America?

There is no more altruistic act than donating whole blood or blood plasma.

And for you crackers, particularly you war mongering Klansman in Virgiinia,
the Old South, and throughout America, I have some bad news for you.

Fifty percent or better of those donating blood plasma are black men and

That means you racist piles of dog shit have black blood running through
your veins if you have ever had medical treatment which required blood or
blood plasma.

That's right, KKK Klansman like Corey Urban of Omaha, Nebraska, and his fire
fighter family, it's likely that a black man saved your punk ass life.

The blood plasma is gathered individually then mixed together before it is

So where you at American flag wavers?

And Mr. Stewart is hardly alone nor does he hold some kind of record with
his 48 GALLONS of donated blood plasma.

Where you at, donors?


Mr. Trent James (TJ) Stewart's blood and/or blood plasma donating is likely
over for good.

Sometime in 2010, he attempted to resume donating blood plasma at the center
where most of his donations were made and was turned away.


Mr. Stewart was told he has but one good vein capable of holding the very
large needle used in the plasmospheros (plasma donation) process.

That one vein in the same spot was stuck at least 208 times for the 208
blood plasma donations Stewart made and is now internally scarred to the
point it can no longer be used.

Because of this, his last three plasma donatins were incomplete. Because the
last three donations were incomplete, the plasma donation center required he
have a second good vein capable of being tapped for blood and an inspection
by donation center personnel indicated that second vein did not exist.

A second plasma donation center operated by a different company opened in
Omaha, Nebraska, several years ago. Mr. Stewart visited this center several
times in the past.

Because of employee misconduct, this center allowed the entire return cycle
of whole red blood cells to be pumped into Mr. Stewart's arm while the
needle was not properly inserted in the vein, pumping all the blood cells
into the arm outside the vein and turning the man's arm from shoulder to
finger tip purple for several weeks.

As painful as a bruise, yet covering the entire arm, this tramatic
experience was never to be repeated. Mr. Stewart never visited that plasma
donation center again.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stewart will not be able to donate enough blood plasma to
fill a 55 gallon drum as he had hoped.

America has gotten no safer since this update.

Mass shootings abound, reckless drivers are abundant, and the need for blood
and blood plasma is never ending.

Mr. Stewart can no longer donate blood and blood plasma, BUT YOU CAN.

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