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UPDATED: Omaha Police Rape Teenager, Attempt To Rape And Kill Five Year Old, Poison Twelve Year Old Officer's Son

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Aug 25, 2010, 12:16:09 PM8/25/10
Dateline 1970, Omaha, Nebraska, United States

In the biggest and ugliest police scandal in the history of Nebraska, two
children were sexually assaulted by two Omaha Police Division Officers, one
drugged and overdosed and left for dead, and another child also poisoned
with the most powerful and addictive narcotic known to man.

Thirty or so years later, the two rapist police officers, who became
enforcers for the heroin trade throughout their entire police careers,
attempt to silence the five year old they failed to kill in 1970.

Five year old Trent (TJ) Stewart had just begun his formal education at Our
Lady of Lourdes Catholic Grade School in Omaha, Nebraska.

While in the Kindergarden class at Our Lady of Lourdes, little TJ Stewart
met and befriended Raymond Krause who lived but five doors North of the
Stewart home in Omaha, Nebraska.

One evening, little TJ was asked by his mother, Marlne Stewart, to visit the
home of little Ray Krause for some unknown reason.

The little boy did as he was told, and walked the short distance to 3021 S
32 St.

He was welcomed into the home by Eleanor Krause. Two men he did not know
were directly inside. Neither was George Krause, the WWII US Army veteran
and former Military Police officer.

Once inside, Eleanor Krause produced a mirror or plate with several lines of
white powder on it. The very kind and motherly woman instructed little TJ to
"snort" the two lines of white powder.

Little TJ didn't know what the word snort meant so Krause instructed him to
"sniffle" the white powder and instructed him how to do so.

The child did as the mother of his new friend was told.

When finished, TJ Stewart was instructed to sit on a bench in front of the
Krause television set and watch what would soon be shown to him.

The video was in black and white. It showed hundreds of happy people, men,
women and children, waving at Nazi soldiers as they marched through the
streets of Germany.

The video also showed many clips of Adolf Hitler, rallying the civilians
with his every word.

The video also would break into clips of Nazi tanks blasting through brick
walls and scenes from the Nazi Blitz on Europe in WWII.

When the video ended, litte TJ was told to stand in the room and wait. The
two men, years later identified as Omaha Police Division officers off duty,
stood by silent, watching, as if supervising the scene. Once the heroin was
forced into the chld, the "scene" became a felony crime.

The only other person present at the time was fifteen year old Paul Krause,
the oldest son of Eleanor and George Krause. He was giggling and acting
almost like he was having fun while hiding in the shadows of the room.

Eleanor Krause came to America following Germany's surrender in WWII. She
met and married her husband, George Krause, also a proud full blooded German
but who was an American citizen, while he was stationed as a US Army MP in

Nazi SS Officer, Captain Philip Zync, was Eleanor's father and when Eleanor
Krause relocated to the United States with her new husband, her mother and
father came with them. They also lived in the same neighborhood as the
Stewarts and Krauses.

As he stood in the room where instructed by Eleanor Krause, Eleanor Krause
answered her back door and another child entered the room. This child was
Dave Friend, the son of Joe Friend, an officer in the Omaha Police Division.

Dave Friend was twelve years old at the time.

Friend was instructed to stand next to Stewart where he was also told to
snort lines of white powder produced by Eleanor Krause.

But Friend refused. Little TJ had never seen a child who disobeyed the order
of an adult before and was amazed with Friend.

Eleanor Krause grew angry at the boy's refusal and continued to demand he
snort the white lines she held in front of him.

Little TJ, scared by the angy woman, told Friend to do it because it was no
big deal. The five year old had no idea what drugs were or what was
happening around him.

Finally, frustrated, Eleanor Krause solicited help from the two men in the
room and one of them approached the two children in a threatening enough
manner that Dave Friend began to cry.

Dave Friend then did as he was told, sort of. The boy snorted a fraction of
the powder placed in front of him then scattered the rest.

Once done, Eleanor Krause instructed Friend to leave the residence and he
fled out the back door to what is believed to be his father's waiting car as
quickly as he entered.

The stilll angry Eleanor Krause straightened the heroin Friend did not
consume, which was most of it, into lines once again and orderd TJ Stewart
to again snort the drug. He complied.

By now little TJ was scared. He was wobbling on his own feet, sweating
profusely, dizzy, and having trouble standing still.

He asked Eleanor Krause not to be upset with him because he did what he was
told and asked if he could go home.

Rather than be allowed to leave the Krause residence, the boy was confronted
by one of the two men in the room.

TJ was nearly in a trance by now under the influence of the narcotics he was
forced to consume, and had trouble even focusing his eyes.

When he finally did focus on what was now in front of him, it was Paul
Krause being raped by one of the two men in the room.

The boy closed his eyes and gasped in fear.

When he opened them again, the rapist no longer had his penis in Krause's
mouth. It was now directly in the little boy's face.

He began to cry and again closed he eyes and clenched his teeth as he stood
in front of the rapist.

Nearly unconsious, he opened his eyes again to find the whole scene had
again changed.

The rapist, was now looking down on him smiling.

Just then the other man in the room had squatted down and was staring at the
boy with the eyes of a killer. Stewart turned to see this man with his face
inches from the little boys and yelled in terror and began to cry once

Then, Eleanor Krause, the Nazi from Germany, took control of the room and
told little TJ he could leave, escorting him the few feet to the front door.

Paul Krause, who was back in the shadows of the room once again, began to
cry when he realized the little boy was leaving and he would be the only
child left in the room of monsters.

Hearing this, the five year old suddenly stopped in his tracks before
reaching the front door and asked the mother, "what about that kid",
referring to Paul Krause and his not leaving the room as well.

No answer was given and the child was escorted to the door and onto the

TJ Stewart could barely walk. His legs wouldn't function like he wanted them
to. The fresh air was a blessing and he managed to slowly walk down the
porch steps of the Krause home. He wanted to run, but physically could
barely walk.

The little boy was less and less terified as he left the home and at one
point turned to see if what he just saw was just a bad dream.

When he turned to look back at the front door of the Krause home, there was
Eleanor Krause along with one of the two rapists, standing in the doorway
waving the boy goodbye for all to see like Ward and June Cleaver from the
"Leave It To Beaver" family show.

Little TJ tried to wave back, but instead gave the Nazi salute he had seen
so many times while being brainwashed just minutes before.

Eleanor Krause cringed when she saw this Nazi salute and the male standing
next to her laughed with pleasure.

Less than a fifty meter from the Krause home as he tried to make it back
home, the effects of being given too much heroin began to take effect on
five year old TJ Stewart.

He began vomitting uncontrollably, staggering, collapsed to his knees,
prayed to Jesus whom he was told loved him, and died.

His body was left on a city sidewalk in a neighborhood full of Middle Class
families all with children his own age who were his neighbors.

It was still daylight.

Sometime later, the boy regained consciousness. It was dark, he could barely
move. H couldn't walk, talk, could barely think. He didn't know where he was
or recognize anything. And he was still all alone.

He began to crawl in the same direction he was walking when he collapsed,
though he didn't know where he was or where he was going.

He began to get healthier as he moved and soon managed to stand on his own
feet. He became less and less disoriented and eventually recognized his
parent's home. He entered the home and crawled into his own bed.

It was over.


The Nazis tried to frame TJ Stewart's father for the crimes when Harold John
"Hal" Daub of the Republican Party duplicated the crimes, again to little TJ
Stewart, two years later.

Fearing she would be discovered, Eleanor Krause accused Jim Stewart of being
a heroin dealer.

TJ Stewart's mother, Marlene, was continuely blackmailed, bullied, and
harassed by Eleanor Krause who had to maintain control over the Stewart
family to prevent her being discovered as both a Nazi in a predominantly
Polish neighborhood and monster.

This incident was NEVER reported to police.

Two years later, Joe Friend, now an Omaha Police officer coming up in the
ranks at OPD, was the man who took the report of the attempted rape of
Marlene Stewart and the drug poisoning and torture of her then seven year
old son, TJ Stewart which Daub committed in their own home.

It was Joe Friend, fearing his own involvement in the Krause Nazi's episode
in 1970, would cost him his job, chose to classify the rape complaints being
filed against Hal Daub as an attempt by "Hells Angels" to discredit law
abiding citizens like Hal Daub.

The Stewart's were not "Hells Angels" nor were the Gruidels or Mays whom
Daub also raped.

Joe Friend continued to move up in the ranks of the Omaha Police Division.

By the time he reached the rank of Deputy Chief, his son, Dave, was now a
Captain in the same department and they had up to ten family members who
were officers of the Omaha Police Division as well.

It was the Friend family who continued to keep the rapes committed by Hal
Daub and their fellow officers secret as well as all their connections to
the heroin trade.

Preventing and preying upon their former victims, including both Trent (TJ)
Stewart and Dr. Paul Krause became a family tradition and OPD pastime.

The Omaha Police Divison was used as the means by which to discredit the
victims of the crimes committed by police officers and Hal Daub, who became
a US Congressman and member of the Bush Administration.

But the tables turned on them all when Trent Stewart had the courage to
report what happened to him as a child when he recalled them after decades
of alcoholism.

Stewart got sober in 1995 and remains so to this day. He recalled his being
assaulted in the early 1990s and reported it to the United States
government. But nothing was ever done about it, because no public outrcy was
ever made over the men elected and/or placed in positions of authority and
trust in Omaha, Nebraska, and Washington, DC, who are predators who should
never be trusted.

Stewart continues to request the USDOJ investigate his allegations. His
mother died in 2001, but the other victims of Hal Daub and the Omaha Police
Division remain alive as well as the predators.

A Civil Rights Complaint was filed with the USDOJ Inspector General's Office
in June of this year demanding an investigation into what is being called,
"Daubergate Rape" and includes both heroin trafficking and rape committed by
Daub and current/former Omaha Police Division officers and the conpiracy to
cover it all up.

Joe Friend retired from the Omaha Police Division in 2000. He died in 2004.

Dave Friend retired from the Omaha Police Division in 2004. He currently is
on the Metropolitan Utilies District Board of Directors and is also the
director of security for Omaha's Metropolitan Technical Community College.

The two rapists who were later identified as Omaha Police Division officers
were still in uniform as late at 2000.

Eleanor Krause continues to live comfortably in the same residence where the
assaults occurred. Her husband, George Krause, passed away decades ago from
the stress of what he discovered his wife had done to his own son and

Dr. Paul Krause is an Omaha dentist.

Look for "Daubergate Rape" for more information on the details of the rapes
committed by Hal Daub and the Omaha Police Division.

In 2000, while being monitored and spied upon by his neighbors Sam and
Cheryl Sacco and blackmailed by his next door neighbors, Omaha Fire
Division's John McDonnell, brother to Chief Mike McDonnell, the unconscious
body of little Tony Sacco, the son and youngest child of Sam and Cheryl, was
brought home by his father.

It appears the Nazis in Omaha are again brainwashing, poisong, and torturing
children in Omaha. This time, with their parent's help.

Sam Sacco and his wife were reported to police in the fall of 2000
immediately after the lifeless body of their only son was paraded in the
neighborhood by the Saccos who couldn't me proud they harmed their only son.

Sgt. Dan Cisar of the Omaha Police Division never responded to the emailed


In August of 2010, a violent serial rapist was apprehended in Omaha,
Nebraska, ending a nearly year long string of at least six rapes of women in
the Omaha, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa, Metropolitan area.

This time, it's an Iowa fire fighter and father of four who will be spending
the rest of his life in prison for rape and kidnapping in two states. This
scum is TYPICAL of the scum in the United States fire service.

In 2004, the Omaha, Nebraska, Metro area was terrorized by yet another
"hero" serial rapist, this time a black man who was a US military Military
Police Officer.

Neither man are the Omaha, Nebraska, unformed sexual predators listed in
this post, both of who are still operating and at large in the Omaha,
Nebraska, Metro area.

This follows yet another law enforcement related serial rapist spree in
which the son of a black Omaha Police Division officer used his father's
police uniform to gain access to at least eight women to violently rape

The rapist's name is Fitzgerald and is currently serving an over three
hundred year prsion sentence in the Nebraska State Penitentiary as his
father lives large on a cushy civil servant pension like all the rest of

News of the crimes committed by the Krause family still finding its way onto
the Internet must have reached the Krause family mentioned above. Eleanor
Krause and her son, Paul, were staring down their former victim, Trent
Stewart, as he visited his father's home in the same neighborhood.

Dr. Paul Krause followed Stewart's vehicle as he left the area for over a
mile before ending the stalking.

In 2005, Eleanor Krause's youngest son, Raymond, with Nazi hitman Stephen
Long, were in court in Douglas County, Nebraska, using a Protection Order
hearing as a way to prevent information posted about the assaults and heroin
trafficking to children committed by the Krause family onto the Internet.

Long, an Italian, in the courtroom of an Italian judge and with his help,
attempted to intimidate Trent Stewart from posting the details of the Nazi
rebirth in Omaha, Nebraska, sexual assaults, and use of drugs on children.
Ray Krause was in the courtroom and introduced to the judge by Long.

Ray Krause is a civil servant employed with the city of Omaha.

No arrest or even investigation of the Krause family has yet been undertaken
by Omaha Police.

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