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Lynn Johnson

Sep 5, 2021, 7:08:13 PMSep 5

Neighbors – To keep you in the loop, this is what we have found out so far.


Westminster Street - There are fewer street lights on Westminster (5) than there are on S (6) or T (10). We should look into whether it would be possible to add one or more additional lights on Westminster and/or S. Similarly, we should look into whether it would be possible to have higher wattage lights, while bearing in mind that some folks may be concerned about lights being too bright outside their windows.


North Alley (b/w Westminster and T) - Both solar-powered lights need to be repaired/replaced. We should check to see how long the rechargeable batteries last and whether they can be replaced.


South Alley (b/w Westminster and S) - The solar-powered light at the east end of the alley has fallen down and needs to be rehung.  The solar-powered light behind 941 S Street needs to have its sensitivity adjusted.  The solar-powered light at the west end of the alley needs to be repaired/replaced. 


We will now be doing research on:

* Procedure for asking for installation of stronger wattage bulbs our street lights.

* Procedure for asking for installation of more street lights on 10th Street and Westminster Street.

* Solar lights –

            Lumens needed for alley lights and front porch lights.

            How to get maximum on-time on a daily basis.

            Need for battery changes.


            We have decided to light up our area during this especially turbulent time. That means turning on both your lights that light up the front of your house and/or yard as well as the rear of your house and/or yard. You might want to purchase a timer for those lights if you have a way to attach them to these lights.


            For those of you wanting to install a front porch light, keep in mind that a solar light gives you some help when a visitor comes. Since they only stay on for a few minutes, they’re not much good for general lighting. If you need help in installing them contact our group and we’ll try and send one of our ‘experienced’ staff over to assist.

As for running an elec. wire to the front exterior of your home, stay tuned. We will be researching the most inexpensive way to do this and finding some company willing to do this.



Lights/Camera/Action Group


Robert Carroll

Sep 6, 2021, 7:12:39 PMSep 6
Of course, Cameras seem to be an effective deterrent. 


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Matt Chingos

Sep 7, 2021, 10:24:40 AMSep 7
to, Lynn Johnson, WNA
And they capture impressive feats such as urinating while walking down the sidewalk:

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