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Graf, Werner

Jul 18, 2022, 6:30:58 PMJul 18
to Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council), WNAGroup

Dear Councilmember Nadeau,


Did you vote for this measure? And if yes, why?


Here is part of a comment I wrote this morning.


Insanity is rampant! We are witnessing anarchy on the streets and enforcement tools are thrown out the window. Personally, I have been able to avoid accidents because of vigilance and luck when other drivers cut me off at intersections, ran red lights, and behaved grossly irresponsible...... until one morning last year, when we were broadsided by a large pick-up truck who ran a stop sign.….. On the other hand, the ATV and dirt bike menace in the city is out of control. There have been crack-downs recently, but just yesterday while waiting at a red light (on 14th St. and T, in early evening), I watched an ATV driver forcing his way through the oncoming cross-traffic "rearing" his vehicle at the same time. He did this in a manner as if it was his birthright to run a red light (and endanger the other drivers at the same time).


Thank you!


Werner M. Graf

1013 S St., NW

Graf, Werner

Jul 24, 2022, 7:26:46 PMJul 24
to Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council), WNAGroup, Geoffery Seaver

Dear Councilmember Nadeau,


Thank you for your response, but I cannot make head or tail of it. Also, I have not heard your “remarks on the dais”, so I cannot comment, and -as far as I am concerned- they do not exist since you made no details or concepts available in your e-mail. Frankly, your “description” of the “plans” is just a collection of platitudes and banalities that anybody could say. So, “where’s the beef”?

Furthermore, you say that “we haven’t yet made the moves to actually tackle” the problems. But you let offenders off all the same without a clear replacement law that should have been in place once you decided on the non-enforcement. So, to an analytical person, as myself (a scientist), this sounds like complete madness and incompetence (sorry for the diction). As one respondent from the neighborhood commented, you are engaging in “fact-free decision making”.


Maybe politicians have a different value system (we have seen many examples recently), but if they work against common sense and reason, it will be their undoing (and yours, too).



Werner M. Graf (MD, PhD)

1013 S Street NW


From: Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council) <BNa...@DCCOUNCIL.US>
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 2:59 PM
To: Graf, Werner <>
Subject: RE: This story in the WaPo!


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Hello Werner,


Thanks for your message. Clean Hands, at the end of the day, was not meant as a traffic enforcement measure, and the amendment would not address the most egregious offenders who pay off tickets. As I said in my remarks on the dais, the Council has at various times committed to a comprehensive revision of traffic safety enforcement to combine reforms that would improve safety and efficacy while reducing inequities. This is a big undertaking, but we haven’t yet made the moves to actually tackle it. I’m glad the debate over the clean hands bill forced that conversation into the open. Over the summer I’m going to be working with other members on drafting legislation to get us towards those goals, and will hopefully be able to commission research into more effective enforcement for the most dangerous drivers.



Graf, Werner

Jul 30, 2022, 12:23:11 PMJul 30
to Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council), WNAGroup

I am curious to see the results!


Thank you, W.


From: Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council) <BNa...@DCCOUNCIL.US>
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2022 1:35 PM
To: Graf, Werner <>
Subject: RE: This story in the WaPo!


Hi Werner – sorry, I’ll try again! Essentially, the clean hands law isn’t going to stop people from driving recklessly, but there are a lot of things we can and should do to stop them. So now are working on those over the summer and hope to have some legislation that everyone can rally around.

Geoffery Seaver

Jul 31, 2022, 12:38:34 PMJul 31
to, Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council), WNAGroup
Having DDOT replace the No Turn On Red signs that were blown down in a hurricane mote than ten years ago would the a good start.  The was a sign at the intersection of 11th and S Street for car traveling from east to west.  There was a sign on Vermont Ave at T Street for cars turning on to T Street.  T street does not have any one way sign at 9th street and we have folks driving the wrong way on T street.  There is a temporary END WORK sign at 905 T street that should never have been installed because it is facing the wrong way and the contractor seens to have failed to have removed it.  The flashing school zone light at Vermont and 10 Street is still working great, even though the school has been closed for 30 years. 

The bike track on 9th Street between T Street and U Street has the grates for the drains install so as to ensure a cyclist will have to dodge the or get a flat tire or creaked wheel.  The current cycle track here is only one block long.  I hope that this cycle track will be extended north and south to downtown so.  If not, then a one block cycle track is a waste of money.

The cycle track on a15th Street is not being cleaned adequately, if at all.  The NPS tows a large fan along Beach Drive to keep it clear of debris.  A stick in the spokes of a riders front wheel can cause the rider to be flipped over the handlebars.  This will cause serious injuries to the rider, such as a broken collar bone.

We need separate outdoor cans for dog poop.  Current cans are a mess and are NOT being cleaned properly.  Chicago cleans its sidewalk trash cans properly.

The street sweeper drivers throught the neighborhood as if he gets paid by the job and not the hour.  He is driving so fast that he is not picking up the debris in the street, he is just moving it around.

Fort Myer Construction has millions of dollars in contracts with DDOT. Their contracts should require that their equipment is in compliance with DC Laws, not just VA where the trucks are registered.

Finally, why is our alley dirty AFTER the trash and recycle trucks pick up on Tuesdays?  When they drop trash and garbage the DO NOT pick it up.  When a trash bag breaks open in the alley, they just leave the mess that they made for us to clean up.  This is not acceptable.

DDOT is failing us.  The police are not enforcing the traffice laws. 

An out of state (VA and MD) car that has $100 in parking or traffic tickets should be towed.  DDOT must allow private towing companies to go after out of state cars for moving violations.

Geoffer seaver

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Graf, Werner

Jul 31, 2022, 11:01:38 PMJul 31
to Geoffery Seaver, Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council), WNAGroup

I have been moaning about these two items for years!


<<<We need separate outdoor cans for dog poop.  Current cans are a mess and are NOT being cleaned properly.  Chicago cleans its sidewalk trash cans properly.


Finally, why is our alley dirty AFTER the trash and recycle trucks pick up on Tuesdays?  When they drop trash and garbage the DO NOT pick it up.  When a trash bag breaks open in the alley, they just leave the mess that they made for us to clean up.  This is not acceptable.>>>>


It is still the same! Needless to say.


Jul 31, 2022, 11:53:37 PMJul 31
to, 'Graf, Werner' via WNAGroup, Geoffery Seaver, Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council), WNAGroup
Since we're making DDOT and DPW to-do lists (thanks, everyone) I'd be interested to hear others' opinions on the plan to allow bikers to treat stop signs as suggestions. So far, the discussion seems to be focused on biker convenience. WaIking children to school across 11th was scarey when my kids were small -- as great flocks of cyclists whizzed through stop signs we'd fought for.

I find the prospect of liberating cyclists to further ignore people on foot, in strollers and wheelchairs, with canes, etc terrifying.

Susan Ousley 

On Sun, Jul 31, 2022 at 11:01 PM, 'Graf, Werner' via WNAGroup

Geoffery Seaver

Aug 3, 2022, 4:33:22 PMAug 3
to westminster935,, 'Graf, Werner' via WNAGroup, Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council)
Dear Susan:

I find your characterization of the proposed DDOT rules for cyclists treating Stop signs as Yield signs uninformed.  In July of 2022, THREE cyclists were KILLED by cars and trucks.  These deaths were within 1-2 miles of Westminster Street.  All of these deaths were the result of vehicle drivers making errors.   During the same period, ZERO pedestrians have been killed by cyclists.  Over the past 10 years, more than 25 cyclists have been killed by bad drivers in DC, while there have been ZERO pedestrians killed by cyclists.

The purpose of the proposed "Idaho Stop" for cyclists is NOT for their convenience, it is for their SAFETY.  Just as cyclists are allowed (and encouraged) to proceed through an intersection when the traffic signal "says walk" for the pedestrians (did you know that this is the current traffic law in DC? It was adopted several years ago.)Treating a Stop sign as a Yield Sign makes it possible for cyclists to get through an intersection before the cars that are moving in the same direction, just like allowing cyclists to start when the "walk light" comes on at a stop light.  This helps cyclists by reducing the probability of getting killed by a driver who has not checked his or her rearview mirrors before making a right turn into the cyclists.   The proposed changes require that cyclists YIELD to pedestrians when they are walking in the crosswalk.  These are the same rules that apply to cars when pedestrians are in the crosswalk.  The proposed "Idaho Stop" rule allows cyclists to treat stop signs as YIELD signs, which means exactly what it says.  Cyclists have to YIELD to cars and pedestrians at an intersection.

This proposed change will have minimal impact on cars, pedestrians, and cyclists riding in and around our neighborhood because there are only a handful of stop signs.  




Aug 3, 2022, 5:35:01 PMAug 3
to westminster935, Geoffery Seaver,, 'Graf, Werner' via WNAGroup, Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council)

Graf, Werner

Aug 3, 2022, 8:24:22 PMAug 3
to Geoffery Seaver, westminster935, 'Graf, Werner' via WNAGroup, Nadeau, Brianne K. (Council)

I my opinion, some of these rules are just foolish. If rules are “flexible” there is no way to know what is going to happen next. Traffic rules are there so everybody is on the same page. And in addition, I think it is life-threatening for cyclists, etc. to challenge a car or a truck, just because he/she may interpret the right-of-way in a certain manner. And if an accident occurs: the car driver is always the stupid one, because he/she will face the brunt of the accusations.


And after all: why is there a need for different traffic rules for cyclists and motor cars? I have barely avoided cyclists who tried to zip past me on the right while I was making a right turn. Is such behavior necessary? I was looking out for them, but they could care less and forced their way through, forcing me to break in the middle of the turn.


And what’s the purpose of such rule changes? To curry favor with a certain segment of the electorate!

Werner M. Graf

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